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Danielle Lemonious’ Flip XT3 Review

Danielle Lemonious’ Flip XT3 Review

Getting around with a baby and a growing toddler can bring its challenges, but with a pushchair that’s designed for easy-use, it shouldn’t be a problem. With the FlipXT3, the compact fold means you can put up or collapse your pushchair in seconds, using one hand. And because the frame is light and narrow, you can get around with ease and still keep hold of your little one. Read Parent Approved Panellist Danielle's Flip XT3 Review...

Hi guys!

My name’s Danielle, I am a mother of two.

I have Romeo who is five years old and Italia who is seven months old. We’ve had the pleasure of testing the Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair and here are some reasons why we have fallen in love with this pushchair…

Our Flip XT3 Review

I spotted the Flip XT3 pushchair for the first time at the Parent Approved Panel launch event and me and my partner fell in love instantly. This pushchair, in my opinion, has been designed to make life easier for parents; starting with:

Parent Approved Panellist Danielle Lemonious is pushing the Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair through a wooded area.

The one-handed fold

This is one of my favourite features. When it comes to setting up and putting down the Flip XT3 there is no messing around. This is perfect for when I have the baby in one arm and an impatient five-year-old waiting to go. I can easily pop up or fold away the pushchair with one hand in a matter of seconds.

A close up of the Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair hood and handlebar.

The adjustable handlebar

The adjustable handlebar can be adjusted by just simply unclipping both sides of the handlebar and pulling it up or down, whichever is suited for you.

An image of baby Italia sat in the Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair on a gravel path in a garden. The hood is up obscuring Italias face.

Lightweight and spacious

I couldn’t believe how lightweight this pushchair was and the lack of space the Flip XT3 requires. It fits in my boot great, taking up less than half of the space. This enables me to save space for other things such as Romeo’s bike or when we are going food shopping, I don’t have to worry about taking the pushchair out before going because luckily everything fits.

A photograph of baby Italia sat in the Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair, the hood is pulled back to reveal the child is buckled into the seat with a harness and the leg rest is raised to keep her legs up.

Seating and footrest

The Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair can be placed in three different seating positions whilst the adjustable footrest can be altered with just a click of a button on either side of the footrest – evolving as your little ones grow.

I just want to take a moment to appreciate that this pushchair can be used from birth. With a seat that can be positioned in a lay-back position – this enables baby to rest in the correct position from day one. It is fantastic for taking baby out and about, especially when they fall asleep.

Additionally, the seat can be switched from parent-facing to world-facing, which will stimulate your baby’s development as they become more curious. Another feature to flag is that, unlike other pushchairs, the seating unit does not need to be removed when folding down, the pushchair folds down altogether.

A close up of the Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair hood and handlebar. The sun canopy on the hood is lower, revealing a gap through the hood that is covered with netting.


Another amazing feature is that the seat also includes a large canopy which can be adjusted as you desire. This has been great protection for Italia from the sun or wind. This also includes a hidden vent which allows fresh air to circulate around the pushchair when the canopy is fully down. Fantastic for hot summer days.

Parent Approved Panellist Danielle Lemonious is pushing the Flip XT Black Copper pushchair on a gravel path, through a garden with lots of bushes and shrubs.


The large basket is outstanding. The huge spacious basket can fit my changing bag plus shopping and still look great. Most importantly, there is no dragging on the floor and the high netting on the sides ensures that everything stays secure in the basket.

A close up of the wheels on the Flip XT3 Black Copper pushchair, showing the large wheels with copper trim details and a large shopping basket feature.


The Flip XT3 is an excellent drive: such a smooth pushing experience for both me and Italia. The front two wheels have a 360-degree spin, which has been a fantastic feature. As a city-dwelling mum, this allows me to whizz around crowded places such as shopping centres with ease.

As well as being brilliant in crowded places, it is also great for off-road use. The large back wheels are thick and sturdy which enables us to go for lovely walks on not so smooth roads. At no point did I struggle to push or did the pushchair go out of control, it was able to maintain its smoothness on a variety of surfaces.

The large back wheels also can be removed with no hassle, this is great if you need to give the wheels a wash before putting the pushchair back in the car or just need some extra space in the boot.


There is so much attention to detail in the design of this pushchair, I had the pleasure of receiving the signature collection and it is stunning and stylish. I have had so many people approach me to tell me how gorgeous this pushchair is.

The soft-touch material on the seating unit and canopy is lovely and importantly it is easy to clean, a simple wipe gets rid of any dirt.

It seems like the Flip XT3 Black Copper has gone down very well with Danielle and her family. We’re glad that our lightweight, compact pushchair continues to help young families get around with little fuss. If this sounds like your dream pushchair, you know what to do.

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