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90 Years of British Family Design & Innovation

Combining British design with unsurpassable craftsmanship, iCandy is an award-winning creator of pushchairs. Style and innovation, along with quality, safety and functionality, remain at the heart of every product.

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iCandy FAQs

How To Fold An iCandy Pushchair?

All iCandy pushchairs are foldable making them perfect for travelling with little one. Whilst each iCandy pushchair will fold slightly differently, they are all designed to be foldable with one hand. You can fold the iCandy Core model with the seat still attached, whilst you need to remove the seat on both the Cerium and Peach models before you fold them up. Please consult your iCandy pushchair manual to find out the exact steps and how to fold your iCandy pushchair model.

How To Attach iCandy Pushchair Accessories?

All iCandy pushchairs, prams and travel strollers are designed to last and be used for many years. This means that they come with a wide range of pushchair accessories which can be easily attached to add extra functionality. Each iCandy pushchair accessory connects differently but they all easily clip into place. We would recommend you consult your specific iCandy pushchair instruction manual to find out how and where each of the accessories attach to your pushchair.

How To Clean An iCandy Pushchair?

Cleaning your iCandy pushchair couldn't be simpler. The plastic or metal handles and parts of your iCandy pushchair can be cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure not to clean your iCandy pushchair with abrasives or bleach based cleaners and allow the parts, covers and frame to dry thoroughly before putting it back together and into it's normal storage spot.

Where are iCandy Pushchairs Made?

Much like Mamas & Papas, iCandy is a British brand and is wholly committed to showcasing the finest of British craftsmanship via the design and engineering of cutting-edge, high-quality pushchairs, prams and travel strollers. iCandy pushchairs are currently manufactured in China and their innovative engineering and designs are created right here in the United Kingdom.

Can You Turn iCandy Peach Into A Double?

The short answer is yes! There are lots of iCandy pushchairs which have the ability to be turned into a double or twin pushchair with the use of a convertor or adaptor pack, such as the iCandy Peach 7 and the Peach 7 Designer Collection Cerium. Converting your iCandy pushchair into a double is perfect for families with more than one little one and also makes getting around easier when out and about!

Can You Wash iCandy Pushchair Covers?

There will be wash and care labels on each of the fabric components of your iCandy pushchair and we recommend consulting them before attempting to wash your iCandy covers. To ensure that your iCandy pushchair covers remain bright and beautiful it is recommended that you handwash the covers. You can wash your iCandy pushchair covers by cleaning them with a sponge using warm water and a mild detergent.

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