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Buggy Boards

Young children are always busy discovering new things. When you're at home it’s easy for them to take a rest, but this can be tricky when you're on-the-go. Buggy boards and buggy board seats attach to your pram, creating the ideal platform for your child to rest while you're on the move and ensure your baby can stay safe in the buggy. Buggy boards are the practical way for your toddler to take the weight off and recharge, enabling parents to continue with their plans. Whether you need a buggy board with a seat, or a buggy board maxi or mini, our range can cater to your requirements.

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Lascal - BuggyBoard Maxi
Lascal Buggyboards Lascal - BuggyBoard Maxi
Lascal - BuggyBoard Mini
Lascal Buggyboards Lascal - BuggyBoard Mini
Lascal Black Maxi BuggyBoard® Plus Grey Saddle
Lascal Buggyboards Lascal Black Maxi BuggyBoard® Plus Grey Saddle

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