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Introducing Tempo: The New Mamas & Papas Baby Bouncer

Introducing Tempo: The New Mamas & Papas Baby Bouncer

It’s been a long time coming. Finally, the wait is over.

Introducing Tempo, our brand new 3-in-1 rocker-bouncer. A real game-changer when you need to put your baby down, but they can’t yet sit up unaided. Whether it’s to make a coffee, put the wash on or dress your older child, sometimes you just need to put your baby down for a few minutes– but it needs to be somewhere safe, appropriate and you’d like the reassurance you’re putting them somewhere that’s a comforting alternative to being held. That’s where the Tempo Mamas & Papas baby bouncer comes in.

3-in-1: three movement functions

Suitable from newborn until they’re around 6 months (9kg), the Tempo 3-in-1 rocker-bouncer is a safe, secure and supportive place to seat your baby. It’s also somewhere they can be soothed, entertained or interacted with, depending on how you choose to use your Tempo. That’s because the Tempo bouncer chair has a unique shape (check out that curved silhouette) that allows it to deliver 3 types of movement ergonomically (read – no need for batteries!). So, you have 3 movement options to choose between:

  • Reclined rocker mode, which gives a soothing rhythmic motion as they recline
  • Fixed bouncer mode - perfect if you want your little one to enjoy some self-bouncing
  • Inclined bouncer, which gives you easier interaction if you want to chat, play or make your little one smile as they enjoy some bouncing.

Every time you use your Tempo baby bouncer your needs will be different – sometimes you’ll be looking for somewhere that’s calming to soothe your little one, other times you’ll want to distract them with some amusing bouncing while you put the kettle on.

Thanks to these 3 movement functions, you can switch between different types of support and movement, every time you use your Tempo. Quickly and easily. And whichever mode you’re using, you’ll have peace of mind that your baby is comfy and secure, thanks to Tempo’s soft yet supportive seat, nip-proof 3-point harness and protective head hugger pillow.

It's all in the detail

Designed to make parents’ lives easier, it’s no surprise that in addition to giving you three movement functions to choose from, the Tempo bouncer boasts plenty of added features that make it even more useful. You truly will come to rely on it day to day! For example, it features a detachable toy bar with 2 sensory development toys to keep your little one’s mind and fingers occupied that little longer. And with a unique magnetic attachment this toy bar is quick and easy for you to position, or to fully remove when you don’t want to use it.

We’ve also made Tempo really easy to use and look after- which as a busy parent, means you’ll love it even more. Its seat fabric is fully removable and machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about it getting grubby, and it even features a handy pocket, ideal for storing small items, such as muslins, wipes and small toys, safely away from baby’s reach. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to move easily when not in use – great when you want to move it from room to room or store it away.

And of course, we’ve considered how Tempo will look in your home. We know you prioritise style, so you’re bound to love Tempo’s minimalist look, sleek silhouette and choice of 3 on-trend muted shades, Sand, Blush and Ivy. We guarantee the Tempo will blend effortlessly with your modern décor and will sit subtly - yet stylishly - in whichever room you decide to use it in.

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Baby Bouncer FAQs

Is it safe for babies to sleep in bouncers?

No. Babies shouldn’t sleep in their bouncer. You must always stick to safe sleep guidelines, which state that you should always place your baby on their back to sleep and that you should keep your baby’s sleep surface flat.*

When can baby use a bouncer chair?

A bouncer seat is ideal when you need to put your baby down for a short amount of time – so if you need to take the wash out, make yourself a coffee, dress your other child, for example. It provides somewhere safe for your baby to be seated, as long as you don’t leave your little one unattended in their bouncer; and you use your baby bouncer safely, according to its instructions and sticking to certain general safety guidelines (such as only using it on a firm, non-slip, flat surface and never on a table/kitchen sideboard, uneven or soft surface such as a bed or sofa.)

Are baby bouncers necessary?

They’re a very handy, practical solution. Of course, they aren’t a strict necessity, but they are so useful in so many situations. There will usually be several times in the day when you’ll want to free up your hands, and you’ll need to be sure your baby is safe. Bouncers can provide that safe place to put your baby, while ensuring they are also entertained, soothed, or amused.

How long can my baby sit in a baby bouncer?

NHS guidance suggests you should use your baby bouncer for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Don’t leave your baby unattended during this time – always make sure you are with your baby when using a baby bouncer**

How old should my baby be to use a bouncer seat?

Most bouncers seats are suitable for use from birth, however some might not be suitable for premature babies or newborn babies with a very low birth weight. They can usually be used until baby is around 6 months old – they often have a weight restriction, rather than an age restriction. We recommend you use Tempo until they weigh 9kg, which is around 6 months old.

What’s the difference between a baby bouncer, a baby swing and a rocker?

In terms of movement, a baby bouncer gently springs up and down – this could be manually, in response to baby’s own movements, or mechanically, usually operated by a battery. A rocker is essentially a rocking chair for babies, sometimes (but not always) powered by a battery that gives a more rhythmic rocking motion. A swing usually moves back and forth and/ or side to side and can be powered mechanically or manually. Sometimes a swing requires more floor space due to the bigger range of movement it engages in. Each offers a different benefit for baby. The Tempo 3-in-1 Baby Bouncer offers both a rocking and a bouncing action, both of which are performed through the natural movement and ergonomic design of Tempo – which means it doesn’t require batteries!

Can I use the same bouncer for my second child?

Proceed with caution, although in theory it should be safe, as long as the baby bouncer is not damaged in any way (remember not all damage will be visible) has been used (and stored) correctly and isn’t worn. Bear in mind all current safety guidelines, consider whether the bouncer chair has been used appropriately and in line with instructions and has been well cared for. Something else to consider, particularly if the bouncer is quite old, is whether the model you are using has ever been re-called.

Is it safe to feed my baby on a bouncer?

No. Safe feeding guidelines state that it isn’t safe to feed your baby on a bouncer. Whether it’s breast, bottle or solid food feeding, always take your baby out of their bouncer before feeding.

* Credit: The Lullaby Trust -

** Credit: NHS -