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How to keep cool during pregnancy

How to keep cool during pregnancy

Genius tips that genuinely work to keep cool

Pregnant and feeling the heat? We hear you. Check out these clever expert tips for cooling down, at home or away.


“Pop your feet and ankles in cool water, a paddling pool or even just a bucket of cold water! Your feet and ankles have lots of pulse points so cooling them down is a great way to quickly give your whole body some cooling relief. Eat ice lollies: this cools the blood in your tongue and as your tongue has an active blood supply it absorbs heat from your stomach giving a cooling effect on your body. Finally, wear minimal and light-coloured clothing. When you’re hot you sweat and to cool down that sweat needs to be able to evaporate. Lighter coloured clothing transmits less heat to the skin than dark or black so keep it light and loose for comfort.”



“Hydration is key and drinking 2-3L of water each day is important for your health and your baby's development. If you struggle to drink water then see if you can find ways of making it more enjoyable - adding citrus fruits can help or using flavoured tea bags. Use early mornings or late afternoons for physical tasks and exercise: the middle of the day and afternoon is when the temperature is highest so try to keep this time as relaxed and activity-free as possible. Buy a blow-up paddle pool and spend time in it during the day when you feel your hottest.”


“Choose your garments well: opt for loose fitting light-weight clothes in natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk or bamboo, which breathe well and wick perspiration away more effectively than synthetic fabrics. Colour can make a difference so choose lighter shades such as neutrals, pastels and whites, that reflect daylight and stay cooler than dark colours that absorb light and heat. You could try straw breathing to cool down. This is especially effective after teeth brushing to maximise the cooling sensation. (Watch this video for a demonstration) - For anyone unable to roll their tongue, just broaden your mouth with a gentle smile, keeping lips slightly parted, tongue broad and flat in your mouth and breathe in through the mouth, feeling the air move across the tongue, cooling it, and out through the nose.

Staying cool during pregnancy is essential for your well-being and comfort. You can efficiently control the heat and reduce discomfort by following the advice given above. Always prioritise being hydrated, wear airy, loose-fitting clothing, seek out shade like our Babymoov Anti-UV Tent and use cooling techniques like cold compresses, cool showers, or even have a quick dip in a paddling pool. Investing in one like the Babymoov Aquani Anti-UV Paddling Pool & Playpen for yourself and your little one will help ease any discomfort during the summer sun. Take the necessary precautions to keep cool during pregnancy. Your health and comfort come first and we want to ensure you have a joyful and stress-free pregnancy journey.

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*Suzy is a mother of two, an author, Chartered Psychologist and Coach. She specialises in self-care, helping people manage their stress, emotions, and energetic bank balance. It was her life experience of motherhood colliding with the terminal illness of her father that sparked her passion for self-care which she now teaches to her clients, young and old, to cope during periods of stress, loss and change and to boost their resilience in the face of future challenges. Suzy is the Psychology Expert for wellbeing brand Neom Organics and is a founding member of the ‘Nourish’ app. She figure-skated her way through her childhood, growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and now makes her home in the hills of Hertfordshire, UK. Her first book ‘The Self-Care Revolution’ published by Aster came out in 2017, 'Stand Tall Like a Mountain: Mindfulness & Self-Care for Children and Parents' and 'The Little Book of Self-Care’ came out in 2019. ‘Self-Care for Tough Times’ and her first children’s book ‘This Book Will (Help) Make You Happy’ were published in 2021. Her first journal And Breathe, Sit to Get Fit and her new deck of cards, “The Little Box of Self-Care” came out in 2022. Rest to Reset is hot off the press now.

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