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What To Pack In Your Summer Baby Changing Bag

What To Pack In Your Summer Baby Changing Bag

From sun hats to SPF, your baby’s changing bag will need a re-think now the warm weather has arrived. Here’s our guide to what to include in your summer baby changing bag:

Teething Toy

A baby teething toy can soothe and calm them at all times, but particularly if the hot weather makes them cranky. And what could be more summery than the Oli & Carol juicy looking watermelon teether? Made with 100% natural rubber, hand painted with safe, natural food graded dyes and with no holes (preventing the growth of bacteria and mould) it’s a safe, hygienic chew that’s soft and easy to grasp.

Spare Muslins

The handy 3-pack of oversized muslins will always be useful to keep on hand. Supersoft, breathable, durable, washable, and you’ll find so many uses for these muslin cloths - from cleaning up skills, to using as a cooler and lighter alternative to a swaddle suit when the weather is warmer. This particular set come in gorgeous soft aqua shades and co-ordinating prints


It’s advised to keep babies under 6 months in the shade or covered, rather than using sun cream. Babies over 6 months need SPF 50+, with both UVA and UVB protection, reapplied regularly. Choose a baby-safe suncream formula (baby/ children’s sun creams differ in ingredients to adults, so choose one designed specifically for them); choose between a stick cream and spray, depending on personal preference (and whichever you’ll find easiest to apply regularly or keep most handy); make sure you apply it at least 20 minutes before heading outside and reapply at regular intervals.

A Baby Sun Hat

Important for protecting them from both the sun’s rays and the effects of the heat. The beautiful Laura Ashley Floral baby Sun Hat is reversible, so you can choose which design you want according to their outfit. Great for getting double the wear for half the packing space.

Spare Clothes

Another year-round baby changing bag essential. If you’re out for a day out in Summer pack a spare pair of baby summer clothes including shorts and t-shirt or short romper, or even some baby swimwear (a towelling romper too, if you have the space) so if the weather gets hot you can switch to a warm-weather baby summer outfit. Likewise if you’re heading out on a warmer day, add an extra layer in case it cools down.

Handheld mini fan

This doesn’t need much explanation. A real lifesaver on hot days out, when travelling on public transport or when the heat’s causing them to struggle to nap (obviously never leave the mini handheld fan on or touching your little one or let them hold it themselves).

Extra Wipes

Baby wipes are a baby changing bag essential, but in summer when you tend to eat outside more, enjoying family picnics and ice creams at the park, they become even more invaluable. The Kit & Kin biodegradable baby wipes are made from 99% water, 0% plastic and are hypoallergenic, so can be used on everyone in the family. Plus, they have a unique easy-dispense lid, for one-handed pulling (handy when there’s a melting ice cream in your other hand.)


If you’re in the throes of weaning or have an older child, you’ll already be aware of the importance of keeping snacks in your bag, at all times (!) On warmer days, make sure these won’t melt or go ‘off’ in the heat (consider carrying a separate cooler bag if necessary) and always have plenty of fresh cool water, to keep everyone hydrated.

Insect Repellent

A non-toxic child-friendly mosquito repellent (you can buy cute bracelets for older children that keeps ticks, midges and mosquitos away) can be useful if you’re heading abroad or for days out in the countryside.

Changing Bags

We have a huge range of baby changing bags, with something for every parent. From our own stylish baby back-packs and bowling bags, to others by popular brands, such as Bugaboo and Olivia London.

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