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Mamas & Papas Libro Stroller: Ask the designer

Mamas & Papas Libro Stroller: Ask the designer

We chatted to Mamas & Papas Design Manager Matthew Harris to discover how our in-house design team ensured our latest pushchair, Libro, would be a big help to parents of growing toddlers.

We build our pushchairs to be used for as long as possible. As children get older pushchairs are used less and less but are still needed when little legs get tired! Libro is a silent safety net-something that tucks away neatly and isn’t intrusive. It doesn’t get in the way, it’s just there when you need it.”

1. Libro is designed for everyday life with growing toddlers. Which features were you keen to include because they’re so important for parents of toddlers?

‘As babies get older and bigger parents often want a lighter alternative to their original travel system and choose a compact pushchair. But we felt that while these are fine for airline travel they compromise on what a bulkier buggy offers. Airline-focussed buggies tend to have short narrow seats that are low to the ground with tiny wheels. It seemed odd to us that parents would choose these for bigger children! So, with Libro we looked at this differently. We focused on seat size and prioritised the child that is likely to be using it, rather than restricting ourselves to a set of folded dimensions. Basically, we prioritised the everyday not just the times you want to go on a plane!'

2. So how does Libro differ from other pushchair options for toddlers?

‘Libro has a longer and wider seat than other ultra-compact pushchairs, so it can be used for longer. The seat is higher too - so toddlers don’t feel like they are sitting on the floor. The raised seat also allows parents to get easier access to the below-seat basket, which is also bigger so there’s plenty of room for all the extra toys and bits that toddlers need! It’s capable too - with bigger wheels and full suspension with locking castors. So even with the extra weight of an older child it’s still comfy to ride and comfy to push!’

3. Which features make Libro stand out as a brilliant everyday stroller?

‘Two things jump out to me as super useful. One is how “thin” it folds. Meaning it’s easy to store and transport day-to-day- it slides into thin gaps in the car boot or sits neatly away against the wall when I’m in a small café. Because it’s so thin it’s easy to carry under my arm and means I can walk down narrow aisles comfortably without bashing into everything.

The second is how nice the push is, even with a heavier child in it. Really comfy to manoeuvre and super stable when cornering. A lot of compact pushchairs have back wheels close together and with a significant weight in the seat they feel jittery. Libro feels really stable and smooth.’

4. Tell us about the design process

‘As with all M&P design projects we started talking to parents to understand how and why they use ultralight pushchairs. We quickly decided that we’d focus on the day-to-day benefits of a compact pushchair for growing children. For us light and compact soon became ‘thin’ - thin means easy to store and transport. We know parents have lots of ‘stuff’ but pushchairs with suitcase folded dimensions aren’t the most efficient for fitting in the car or getting on and off the bus with. We identified the features we knew we wanted – like great hood coverage and flexible ventilation.

Then our engineering team developed a frame that that’s solid, light and folded as flat as possible. We tested it in our UK lab to make sure it could withstand a rugged life with a toddler. Then we talked even more to potential end-users and sent samples out for testing. This helped us to make a couple of tweaks based on feedback before we firmed up the final design. I’ve recently been using one of the latest samples with my son and I feel so proud of what we have achieved with Libro. It looks great, works great and is a really usable day-to-day pushchair that gives everything I need to just get on with life.’

What to expect from your Libro Stroller:

‘Fold with 1 hand. The same way you do everything these days’

Features our popular one-hand fold. So, you can quickly fold it, even with your hands full.

‘7300 hours of growing’

Suitable from birth to 4 years old. With lie-flat, recline and fully upright seat positions, safe for all ages.

‘Fits enough snacks to last you the 20-minute trip around town’

Spacious and practical under-seat storage basket. Easy to access, no matter how much you fill it with emergency snacks and discarded coats.

‘Ready to be carried up 76 flights of stairs’

It’s super-lightweight, at just 7kg - pretty much the weight of an average 6 month-old. Handy when you discover the lift is broken at the exact moment your toddler insists on being carried.

‘Even on the ‘big shop’ days, Libro fits in nicely.’

Libro folds up ultra-slim. So, it won’t put up a fight as you slide it into the only narrow gap in your jam-packed car boot.

You will push it 345km without them even in it’

Being out with a toddler requires full preparation, so Libro arms you for every eventuality.

‘Ready for 312 hours of sun, 463 of rain.’

It has a ventilated XL hood for all-weather protection.

2 hours napping, 16 hours taking in the world.’

Libro has a more spacious, wider and higher seat. So, they can spread out and take in that all-important view.

‘20 mashed bananas, 13 spilled apple juices’

It’s made from 100% recyclable, durable fabrics.


‘It’s ready for those days when the older one insists on pushing’

Libro boasts an adjustable handlebar, so it doesn’t matter whose turn it is to push.

In designing the Libro pushchair, Mamas & Papas has wanted to revolutionize the everyday experience for parents with growing toddlers. Matthew Harris, the Design Manager, reveals the meticulous thought and innovation poured into every aspect of its design. Unlike other options on the market, Libro isn't just a pushchair; it's a silent safety net, a reliable companion that seamlessly integrates into the chaos of everyday life.

With its adjustable features and lightweight design, it's not just a pushchair; it's a trusted stroller on the journey of parenthood. So, if you're seeking a pushchair that combines style, functionality, and durability, look no further than the Mamas & Papas Libro. Experience the difference today and embrace the freedom to navigate the world every day with ease.

Ready for 21 rainy park trips and 17 attempted naptimes this year.

Ready for 21 rainy park trips and 17 attempted naptimes this year.

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