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Combination Feeding Game Changers

Combination Feeding Game Changers

You’ve got this. We’ve got you.

Every parent and baby is unique – and so is their feeding journey. If you’re looking to learn more about combination feeding, we’re here to help with innovative and expertly engineered products to support your natural intuition. Equipment for the naturally equipped.

Feed your way, without judgment. Whether you wish to exclusively breastfeed, bottle feeding or combination feed: You’ve got this. We’ve got you.

Breast pumps are expertly engineered so you can express more milk in less time.

  • Gently and effectively massage
  • Slimline and lightweight
  • Portable and wearable options
  • Double or single

Explore Breast Pumps

Our most breast-like bottle ever. Makes switching between breast, bottle, and back again, easy.

  • Natural Latch: Bottle teats made from soft silicone and a breast-like shape that encourages a natural latch, preventing nipple confusion when switching between breast, bottle, and back again.
  • Pace feeding: The soft silicone teats flex and stretch like mum and allow your baby to feed comfortably at their own natural pac
  • Self-sterilising: Easily self-sterilised in the microwave in just three minutes.

Discover Natural Start Bottles

Sterilises and dries everything, for when you need to feed your baby, fast.

  • Sterilise and dry six bottles in just 35 minutes
  • 3in1 steriliser for complete convenience
  • Kills viruses and 99% of bacteria
  • No water. No steam. No noise.

Check out the UV Steriliser

The perfect feed, in just two minutes. Giving you a little more time back.

  • Makes the perfect formula bottle in under 2 minutes
  • Perfect prep uses 17x less electricity than a kettle
  • Antibacterial filter removes impurities
  • Adjustable volume for quiet nighttime alerts
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