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How to choose the perfect nursing chair

How to choose the perfect nursing chair

A nursing chair can be one of the most useful and long-lasting purchases you make when you’ve got a baby on the way. And if you choose the right nursing chair style and design it can also make a seriously stylish statement in your home nursery. At Mamas & Papas we have 4 signature nursing chair collections, each with its own unique style. Here’s our guide to choosing the best nursing chair for you.

Firstly, what exactly is a nursing chair?

It’s basically a comfy chair designed as somewhere to sit and feed your baby. Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or both, a nursing chair is ergonomically designed to give comfort and support to both parent and baby during feeds. From arm height to seat shape, every feature of our nursing chairs is made to make feeding a comfier experience.

Do I really need a nursing chair? Can’t I just feed my baby on the sofa/bed?

You don’t necessarily need a nursing chair. Of course, you can sit pretty much anywhere to feed. But there are plenty of benefits to investing in a nursing chair, if you can afford to and you have the space.

What are the key benefits of a nursing chair?

Feeding in a nursing chair, instead of say, on the sofa, has plenty of benefits. Such as…

It provides extra support

Getting comfy to feed your baby isn’t always easy, especially if you’re suffering from any post-pregnancy body niggles, an aching back or are post c-section. And as you’ll spend a lot of time feeding, it’s important that you do get comfy. This is where a nursing chair comes into its own, with features such as arms at an optimum height for holding and feeding your baby and a seat shape that supports your posture.

It can soothe your little one to sleep

With a nursing rocking chair the gentle rocking motion is designed to soothe your baby, mimicking the motion they experienced inside your tummy. A rocking nursing chair is a lovely way to calm them and to settle them back to sleep post night-feed.

It can enhance their bedtime routine

As your baby grows you’ll start to introduce small hints of a routine. A nursing chair is a simple layer to add to their bedtime routine, to help calm them and indicate that bedtime is coming.

It’s a perfect spot for some bonding

Time spent in your nursing chair is time spent bonding with your little one. Away from other distractions – the TV, everyone else in the house – it can be a little sanctuary for the two of you.

How do I know what to look for in a nursing chair?

Some of the important things to look for when choosing a nursing chair include:


This is key. You should look forward to spending time in your nursing chair. Look for shaping, height and seat depth that suits you (try them out in-store first if you can!) as well as a soft cushioned seat and backrest and extras like padded arm rests is the key to finding the best nursing chair for you. A lovely soft plush fabric will make all the difference too. Our nursing chairs are specifically designed and tested to fit the shape of your body, so we know they’re super comfy.


Choose a nursing chair style you love and that fits your décor. This is a piece of furniture, after all. We suggest finding one that can aesthetically sit in any room, not just the nursery. At M&P every nursing chair is made to order, with a large selection of fabrics (including woven, boucle and velvet) and shades to choose from too. So, you can create your own perfect nursing chair.


Nursing chairs vary in size. Decide which room yours will sit in before sizing up. If you’re tight on space in your nursery consider putting it in your bedroom or the living room, instead. Remember to allow space for the chair to rock! If you have the space for a footstool too, great. If you’re short on space, stick to just the nursing chair.


Look for good quality sturdy materials, such as solid oak wood. For longevity choose a style of nursing chair you can still enjoy once your little one is older (so pick one that will look good in other rooms, beyond the nursery). Or choose one that will still work for you if your family grows. For example, our Hilston Cuddle chair is designed to be used with more than one child, comfortably fitting both the baby you’re feeding and a toddler. Perfect for bedtime stories!

Do I need a foostool for my nursing chair?

It’s not essential but can really complete the experience.

At Mamas & Papas we have 4 signature nursing and cuddle chairs, each with its own unique look. Every single nursing chair is designed and made to order, here in the UK. Simply choose your fabric and colour, for your own bespoke nursing chair.

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