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A day in the life with the Ocarro pushchair

A day in the life with the Ocarro pushchair

I’m Grace, Mama to Ezra who is 3 and Etta who is 2 months.

Choosing a pushchair is such a huge decision for any parent because it becomes such a huge part of your day to day life - you want to get it right! When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I knew I needed to change my existing pushchair for something that was easier to push, lighter to lift out of the car and simple to put up, quickly. When I was asked to review the Ocarro, I jumped at the chance and I’m so SO glad I did. It absolutely ticks all my boxes and has fit seamlessly into my daily routine as a mum of two.

Today I’m sharing a day in my life so you can see why the Ocarro is the best pushchair for busy families…

7.30am - Good morning!

Etta treated me to a lie in this morning (yep, 7.30am is a lie in) and as my husband works from home he got up with Ezra. We start our day with a feed in bed, before heading downstairs to grab a coffee and some breakfast. Ezra plays with Etta whilst I express and then it’s time to get everyone dressed to head to playgroup.

9.15am - Time to pile into the car!

The beauty of the Ocarro is that it is so compact and fits perfectly into the boot of my car, so it’s always easily accessible when I need it. I pack my changing bag every evening so I can just grab it and go, making sure I always have plenty of snacks for Ezra and a bottle of water for me.

9.30am – No parking

We’ve arrived at playgroup and unfortunately today I couldn’t get parked up outside. Thankfully, the Ocarro is super quick and easy to put up so we managed to avoid any toddler meltdowns this morning! I stash all the things we need into the basket, which is huge (a must with two kids) and prepare myself for an hour and a half of chaos.

11.00am - We survived!

We head back to the car, Ezra demanding to be carried in one arm and pushing the pushchair with the other… some days I amaze myself. I have to admit, the Ocarro is very very easy to push and is super nimble at getting up and down kerbs (even with only one hand to push!). Etta wakes up and is really unsettled, so I quickly fold away the pushchair using the one hand fold and give her a quick feed before setting off.

11.45am – Popping to the shops

I need to pop to the shops, although I must admit there is no popping anywhere with two kids! The Ocarro does make this a little easier though, with car seat adapters that fit the Cybex car seat I already had. This means I can easily click Etta’s car seat onto the pushchair because she’s sleeping and tackle today’s shopping list: a birthday lunch and cake for my Grandad.

12.30pm – Grandad’s birthday

Shopping secured, we arrive at my Grandad’s to spend some time with him as it’s his birthday. Family is so important to me, and the relationship the kids have with my Grandad is so special. He’s really happy to see them.

2pm – Nap time

Etta’s ready for a nap, so I settle her in the carrycot of the pushchair where I know she’ll be able to sleep safely. It has a front release handle, so once she’s settled I easily lift her off the pushchair base and take her into the house where it’s cake time!

3.30pm – Walks in the sun

The sun is shining and I’ve eaten far too much cake so I decide to take the kids for a walk before heading home. The country roads around my Grandad’s house are uneven and unpredictable but the Ocarro handles them with ease (even with a buggy board attached).

5.30pm – Bath & Bedtime

We’re home just in time for tea, bath and bed. I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into my day and this helps you to decide whether the Ocarro is the right pushchair for you.

If you want to see more of my motherhood journey, follow @ezra_etta_and_me on Instagram.

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