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Bathing Changing FAQ

What do I need to prepare for baby bath time?

To make sure bath time stays fun and safe for you and your little one, we recommend a suitable baby bath to properly support and prop your baby up, a bath thermometer to check the water is just right, and a soft hooded towel to dry their skin afterwards. Designed to fit into most bathtubs, the Mamas & Papas range of newborn baths offer slip-resistant surfaces and excellent stability. Discover our bath time essentials to make sure you have everything you need to bathe your little one.

What do I need to consider when choosing a changing mat?

If you're looking for a changing mat, keep an eye out for one that's easy to carry and store, and comfy and durable for baby, too. If you need a portable changing mat to take on-the-go, you'll want one that rolls or folds up small so you can pop it in your changing bag. You can also buy anti-roll changing mats to keep your little one where they need to be. Your changing mat needs to be made out of waterproof material, which makes it easy for you to wipe up any spills or accidents while you're changing your baby.

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