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Transforming Baby Clothes into Keepsakes: Creative DIY Projects and Charitable Giving

Transforming Baby Clothes into Keepsakes: Creative DIY Projects and Charitable Giving

Welcoming a new baby into your life is an exciting experience, but while the days might feel long, that precious newborn stage actually goes surprisingly quickly! So as your little one grows, (and outgrows those tiny, adorable outfits!) why not transform those cherished baby clothes into keepsakes, and capture that precious feeling of their early years? In support of Oxfam’s Second Hand September here are some thoughtful ways to repurpose your baby's clothing as well as some original ideas for transforming those little outfits into sentimental keepsakes that can be treasured for generations.

Spread the Love

One of the most heartwarming ways to repurpose your baby's outgrown clothes is by donating them to charity. As many families struggle to provide their little ones with essentials, your gently used baby clothes can make a significant difference. By donating, you’ll not only declutter your space, you’ll also spread love to those in need. We partnered with Oxfam to make donating your pre-loved baby clothes really convenient for you. Simply take your pre-loved baby clothes and shoes to a Mamas & Papas store and donate them to the green Oxfam box you’ll find in store. Find your closest participating store here. Knowing that your baby's outfits will find a new home with families who truly appreciate them can add an extra layer of meaning to your act of repurposing.

Memory Blanket

Start by collecting your baby's outgrown clothes - make sure they’re clean and in good condition – and then cut the clothes into uniform squares or rectangles, around 5x5 inches or 6x6 inches. Arrange the fabric squares in a layout that you love, whether it's a chronological story or a colourful pattern and then sew the fabric squares together, leaving space for seam allowances. You can use a sewing machine or hand-sew, depending on your skills. Select a backing fabric and batting. Pin them together with the quilt top. Quilt the layers together and finish the edges by binding them with fabric or bias tape.

Baby Clothes Photo Album

Choose your favourite photos of your baby – go for photos where they’re wearing different outfits – and either sort them chronologically or thematically. Pick a physical or digital photo album to showcase your memories. Place the photos in the album, adding captions and notes about the outfits and the memories they hold. Enhance the album with stickers, scrapbooking paper, or handwritten notes for a personal touch.

Handmade Baby Clothes Keepsake Teddy

Create a hugable memory! Start by collecting your baby's outgrown clothes, buy some stuffing material, sewing supplies and a teddy bear pattern. Follow the pattern instructions to cut the fabric pieces for your keepsake teddy. Sew the bear together, stuff it with polyfill, and then sew up the opening. Use fabric markers, buttons, or embroidery to add facial features, hair, and other details. Add a name or date to the teddy bear using embroidery or fabric paint.


So there you have it – easy ways to repurpose your baby's outgrown clothes and create keepsakes that will preserve your memories of their earliest years. Whether you choose to create a memory quilt, baby clothes photo album or a handmade keepsake teddy bear, these crafty projects will help you to hold onto those precious moments just a little longer.

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