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The Top Baby Names of 2023 (So Far) – Trends & Surprises

The Top Baby Names of 2023 (So Far) – Trends & Surprises

Plus, the trending baby names that will surprise you

We know you can’t resist a bit of baby name inspiration, so we’ve rounded up the top 50 names of 2023* (so far – we’re only halfway through the year!) as well as revealing some of the unexpected names inspiring parents-to-be this year.

Discovering your baby's gender is a significant moment in pregnancy, and it can have a profound impact on the baby naming journey. Around the midway point of pregnancy, typically between 18 to 20 weeks, many parents eagerly await their ultrasound scan to reveal whether they'll be welcoming a boy or girl. This exciting revelation often opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect name. Knowing your baby's gender allows you to narrow down your options and find names that resonate with their identity, values, and aspirations. Whether you're drawn to classic names, trending choices, or unique and meaningful options, understanding your baby's gender can help you make a decision that feels just right. So, as you explore the top baby names of 2023, keep in mind the joy of discovering who your little one will be and how their name will be an integral part of their identity.

Top 10 Baby Boy Names of 2023

1. Muhammad. Origin: Arabic Meaning: "praised"

2. Noah. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning "comfort" or "rest"

3. Theo. Origin: Greek. Meaning "Gift from God"

4. Leo. Origin: Greek. Meaning "Gift from God"

5. Oliver. Origin: Latin. Meaning "olive tree".

6. Arthur. Origin: Celtic. Meaning "bear" .

7. Jack. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: "God is gracious".

8. Freddie. Origin: German. Meaning “Peaceful Ruler; Power”

9. George. Origin: Greek. Meaning "farmer” or “earth-worker"

10. Luca. Origin: Italian. Meaning “Bringer Of Light”

Top 10 Baby Girl Names of 2023

1. Lily. Origin: Old English. Meaning the flowers, regarded as a symbol of purity and perfection.

2. Sophia. Origin: Greek. Meaning "wisdom".

3. Olivia. Origin: Latin. Meaning "olive tree".

4. Amelia. Origin: Latin. Meaning "strive".

5. Freya. Origin: Old German. Meaning "lady".

6. Aria. Origin: Italian. Meaning "melody".

7. Ava. Origin: Latin. Meaning "bird"

8. Isabella. Origin: Italian. Meaning “Pledged, Devoted To God”

9. Isla. Origin: Latin. Meaning: “island”

10. Mila. Origin: Spanish. Meaning “Miracles; Favoured”

Gen X

Just as the names favoured by older generations see a resurgence in popularity (think ‘grandma’ names such as May and Maud) we’re now seeing the return of classic Gen X names. John and Sarah both entered the top 100 as new entries this year (Sarah was the second highest new girls’ entry at 58), while other high risers from that same era include David (up 23 places to 36) and James (up 25 places to 35th place.)


Following the release of its fourth and final series earlier in the year, the drama Succession continues has proven a hit with parents-to-be. Logan rose up 6 places, coming in at number 48; Roman flew up 9 places to number 47; and Kendal saw its first registration.*

Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Big box office releases often spark a rise in movie character inspired names. So it’s no surprise that this year we’ve seen new entry Ariella (inspired by The Little Mermaid’s Ariel) diving into the top 100, as well as Sebastien, which has floated up 24 places to number 38.


Girls’ names that have a ‘V’ sound remain popular. Names like Violet, Olivia, Ivy, Ava, Maeve and Genevieve have kept a steady place in the chart.

Other-worldly names

For girls, names with a hint of the solar system about them - including Aurora, Aria, and Luna – are notably gaining popularity this year. For boys, Greek mythology has been inspiring a rise in names of gods, such as Atlas and Apollo.

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*According to BabyCentre’s data.

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