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Tanzina Gazi's Hilston Cuddle Chair Review

Tanzina Gazi's Hilston Cuddle Chair Review

It's fair to say when it comes to our Hilston Cuddle Chair, we are a little biased. Whilst feeding baby, it is crucial that both you and baby feel comfortable and supported. Read Tanzina Gazi's Hilston Cuddle Chair Review below and find out what she thinks about our best selling nursing chair.

When I first laid eyes on the Hilston Cuddle Chair and Stool set I was obsessed. I sat on it and wow, it took my breath away. Dramatic right? But after months of breastfeeding, and getting back pain, after hours of sitting on a bed rocking your baby to sleep, believe me when I say I wasn’t being dramatic. I just felt a little disappointed that I hadn’t discovered the chair sooner.Hilston_3Hilston_4

We chose the Hilston Cuddle Chair in Stone Grey, which matches my bedroom décor. My bed is made from grey velvet too so the two go together beautifully. It is stylish and modern, and the prettiest nursing chair I have seen on the market. We always get comments on it whenever anyone comes up to our bedroom.

I did really want a nursing chair for a while, but nothing really ticked the boxes like this one. I wanted something that wouldn’t need to be removed once your baby grows up. Something that can always be a part of our room regardless of whether we are breastfeeding and rocking baby or not. The Hilston chair is so stylish and just fits in perfectly.

When choosing between the two sizes of the Hilston I opted for the larger size (the cuddle version). I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be breastfeeding for, but I did know that I would be reading books to Aria for a long time. This chair has become a part of our bedtime routine. She sits next to me now as I rock and read her a story. We still breastfeed which makes me so happy (she is 13 months) and nothing supports my back as well as this chair.Hilston_1

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve put my feet up on the footstool, breastfed a sleepy Aria and leaned back on the chair and accidentally had a little snooze with her lying on my chest. It really is that comfortable, and those magical moments are irreplaceable. I’ll be honest, I don’t solely use this chair for baby related reasons. When I finally can carve out some me time, it’s such a snug chair to just relax in after a long day, with a hot cup of tea and a series on Netflix to binge on. I can see myself using the chair and footstool duo for a very long time.

Would I recommend the Hilston Cuddle Chair and the matching stool? A hundred percent yes. When I told my husband I was getting this nursing chair, he was like; a nursing chair? In our bedroom? He thought it was such a waste of space! Now it is the first thing he recommends to new parents looking to buy nursery furniture. It has saved both our backs as we have a clingy baby who loves cuddles and rocking. My only regret is not having it from day one.

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