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Nest Assured: Building Your Nursery with Our Furniture

Nest Assured: Building Your Nursery with Our Furniture

If you’re looking to get started on your new arrival’s nursery, you want to be sure you’re investing in furniture that lasts. That’s where we come in. Find out more about Mamas & Papas’ furniture and how we can help you create your dream nursery.

As parents, we understand the importance of nesting. You want to get everything ready when your little one is on their way. And it all starts with the nursery.

There’s a lot to juggle when you’re planning. You want to create a quiet, cosy place for baby to sleep; a store-it-all container for their clothes and toys; and a stylish bedroom that fits with the rest of your house. That’s a tall order, but there’s nothing to say it can’t be done. In fact, we make it our mission to create furniture that does just that.

When buying furniture with Mamas & Papas, you can be sure we’ve thought about our key values: Quality, Style, Budget and Storage.

Our Values - Nursery Furniture You Can Trust

Understanding the various needs of families is what we do. We know that each family is different, from the amount they can spend to the size of their room, not to mention their taste and style – so we offer a range of furniture collections that cater to all these different needs. You’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Here’s what to look for in our furniture...

Quality | Nursery furniture designed to last

The most important thing when finding furniture, for your nursery or otherwise, is quality. Making sure you find pieces that are built to withstand anything that life throws at them – and with a little one, there’ll be a lot of throwing.

We infuse our furniture with a variety of details that make them work harder for longer, so you can be sure you’re investing in pieces that will last. And because we test all our furniture at our very own Test Lab, we’ve done everything we can to ensure your nursery furniture is up to the challenge.

Quality features to look out for:

An image of our Lucca cot bed that has been converted into a toddler bed, complete with soft bedding.

Cot to toddler bed

A nursery is an investment, so you want one that lasts. Our cot beds convert into toddler beds – and in some cases day beds too – so that you don’t have to upgrade until your little one turns 4 years old.

An image, taken from above, of a Mamas and Papas dresser, which includes a removable changing top and changing mattress.

Dresser with removable changing top

Your nursery should last longer than your nappy supply, so our dressers come with removable changing rails. You simply remove the rails when you no longer need them, and then you’ve got a dresser that will last you years.

An image of Mamas and Papas Oxford full-sized wardrobe with open doors revealing two hanging rails and a shelf, with clothing inside.

Soft-close doors and drawers

You should be able to organise your baby’s nursery without waking them, so some of our collections come with soft close drawers and doors to keep things quiet.


Hidden Fixtures

Practical features shouldn’t affect a flawless design so we do our best to hide all our fixings. Even when you remove changing stations or convert beds, all the inner works are hidden from sight – and little hands.

An image of a cot being tested at Mamas and Papas test lab, a large mechanical plunger presses against the cot slats.


You need to be sure that our furniture is up to the job so we test it all at our Test Lab at our head office. Putting each piece through its paces so you know it can withstand jumping on the bed, parents perching for bedtime stories and anything else that comes along.

2 Year Guarantee

All our furniture comes with a two-year guarantee because a little more protection is the best peace of mind.

A bright, contemporary nursery with soft pine style nursery furniture with painted white details - includes our Lawson cot bed, changer/dresser and wardrobe.

Style | Nursery furniture inspired by current trends

Ultimately, the one thing that will win you over when furniture shopping, is how it looks. If it’s not right, you’ll know instantly. We do our best to create collections that speak to your tastes.

Variety of Styles

Shopping for a little one is hard enough, it’s even worse if you can’t find pieces you like. We offer a variety of styles because if one collection doesn’t speak to you, you won’t have far to go to find one that does.

Trend-Led Designs

In everything we do, from clothing and furniture to yes, even pushchairs, we like to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world of fashion. Because you should still look good while you’re parenting. And with furniture, it’s even more important to create a room that looks at home in your house, so we look at the latest trends for our inspiration.

Storage | Solutions to organise your nursery furniture

You’ve picked your style and you know the quality is there – next, you need to make sure it can contain everything you (and everyone else) will buy your little one. Thankfully, we’re never short of storage ideas to keep all those essentials organised.

Deep drawers

A photo of an open set of drawers from a Mamas and Papas dresser/changer, it includes a changing mat on top and the drawers are full of clothing.

As a parent it can sometimes seem like baby’s supply of clothes, toys, books and nappies is bottomless, so it makes sense to have drawers that feel that way too. Most of our drawers are extra deep because a nursery should be spacious inside and out.

Full-sized wardrobes

An image of a full-sized Mamas and Papas wardrobe, with doors open, revealing a space large enough to include adult clothing.

Most of our wardrobes are full-sized because they should last at least as long as your dresser. As your little one’s outfits start to get a bit bigger, you can make more room with the adjustable hanging rails. That said, if your room is on the small size, we also have some smaller wardrobes to help you make the most of your space.

Additional storage

An image of a Mamas and Papas bookcase, which includes four shelves full of ornaments, books and toys, and two additional drawers.

We have a range of additional and adjustable fixtures to help you utilise every inch of your storage. With adjustable shelves, drawers and hanging rails, plus additional pieces like under-bed storage, tallboys, bookcases and storage chests, we’ve got you covered.

An image of Mamas and Papas Franklin nursery furniture. A dark grey, washed wood collection that includes a cot bed, dresser/changer and wardrobe.

Budget | Paying the best price for your nursery furniture

Let’s face it, buying furniture can be expensive. And when you’re also stocking up on a pushchair, car seat and everything else you need to keep your little ones going, it all adds up. We do what we can to help you take the weight off your bank account.

0% Finance

When you’re spending a lot, sometimes it’s easier to spread the cost. Our 0% finance service is ideal when you want to pay for your furniture across 6 or 12 months. Pop in-store and ask us about it. If you’re shopping online we also do PayPal Credit.

Find out more

Furniture Bundles

If you’re lucky enough to have the room for a full nursery – cot bed, dresser, wardrobe, the lot – then it all comes down to cost. Thankfully, our Furniture Bundles are a great way to get all the pieces you need and save a little money. With 2 and 3 piece bundles available, and savings of up to 18%, it can be well worth your time.

Support | Reassurance when you shop for nursery furniture

An image of a Mamas and Papas store till point, with cash registers and a range of baby related products and displays.

So, that’s the furniture picked out. Hopefully, it wasn’t as challenging as it first seemed, but now you’ve got to get it home. Thankfully we can help with that too. We’ll help you see your nursery through from initial ideas to the final build.

Personal Shopping

If you’re stuck for inspiration, then have no fear, we can help. Book a free Personal Shopping appointment in store or online and we can help you visualise your nursery. From finding a style that’s right for you, to making sure you’re utilising your space, we can help!

Deliver to Nursery

It’s easier for us to come to you, so let us deliver your furniture at a time that suits you. With a range of delivery options, we’ll arrive at the right time and we can even deliver it straight to the nursery. That’ll save you lugging it up the stairs.

Deliver & Build

With so much to prepare why don’t you let us build your furniture too? Our delivery team will fit it all together and even take their rubbish away with them. Just ask about our Delivery & Build option.

Online Instructions

All our furniture comes with handy instructions but over time these things are bound to go missing. Not ideal when you need to convert to a toddler bed after a couple of years. Thankfully, all our instructions are available online, and we even have helpful video tutorials to talk you through the process. Handy!

As you can see, we’re committed to helping you create your dream nursery. We’ll give you the tools you need to make the right choices, find the right pieces and then get it all built and ready to go.

Visit us and we’ll help you nest, assured.

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