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How to Prep your iCandy Pushchair for Winter

How to Prep your iCandy Pushchair for Winter

As the winter chill continues, it's essential to adapt and prepare your daily essentials for the frosty days ahead. One often overlooked but crucial item to winterise is your pushchair. From muddy terrains to icy pathways, a well-prepared iCandy pushchair can make winter strolls more enjoyable for both you and your little one.

Here's a few top tips on how to prep your pushchair for winter.

1. Safety First: Check the Harness

Ice and slippery surfaces can pose a risk, especially when pushing a stroller. Make sure the harness is in excellent condition and fitted correctly. Check for any wear and tear that might compromise its effectiveness. A secure harness is your first line of defence against potential accidents, keeping your little one snug and safe during winter walks.

2. Cleanliness is Key

Before winter truly takes hold, it's essential to give your pushchair a thorough cleaning. Wipe down the exterior, paying special attention to the wheels, to remove any mud or moisture. This not only keeps the pushchair looking spick and span but also prevents freezing in cold weather, ensuring smooth manoeuvrability.

“If your pushchair wheels are designed to be removable, this will significantly facilitate the cleaning process and yield the most effective results. As an initial step, refer to your pram's manual or user guide to obtain precise instructions on how to detach the wheels, tailored to your specific model.

When dealing with wheels caked in wet mud, it is best to employ a hose or a pressure washer. Following the removal of wet or dry mud, prepare a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid and use a softer brush to vigorously scrub the wheels with this solution.

Subsequently, allow the cleaned wheels to air dry before reattaching them to the pushchair. Prior to resuming usage, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the wheels are functioning correctly, thereby ensuring a seamless journey.

By following these steps, you can maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your pushchair wheels, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free experience.” Kressyda Barnard, iCandy, Technical Aftersales Assistant Manager

3. Weather Repellent Materials

Consider the materials your pushchair is made of. Is it waterproof? In winter, unexpected rain or snow can catch you off guard. A water repellent pushchair helps protect your child from getting wet, ensuring a cosy and comfortable ride. All iCandy pushchairs feature an adjustable, multi-function water repellent and SPF50+ canopy to shield your little one from the elements.

4. Shielding from the Winter Sun

The low winter sun can be blinding, not just for drivers but for your child too. Ensure you pull your iCandy canopy hood down to shield their eyes from the sun's glare. This simple step ensures that your little one can enjoy the winter scenery without being bothered by the harsh sunlight. You can also utilise iCandy pushchair accessories such as the iCandy Parasol or iCandy Sunscreen in the winter months for ultimate protection and shielding.

5. Features for Low Light Safety

With shorter daylight hours, many winter strolls extend into the evening. The iCandy Core features an incredible LED Visibility Hub Light making it ideal for low light conditions. This added safety quality ensures that you and your little one remain visible to motorists and others during wintery nights.

6. Invest in a Footmuff

To keep your baby warm and cosy during winter outings, invest in a quality iCandy Footmuff. Designed with both functionality and fashion in mind, sumptuously luxurious iCandy Footmuffs are the go-to solution for parents who don’t want to compromise on their child's comfort or their own sense of style. These snug accessories provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping your little one comfortably cocooned against the cold.

7. Raincover for Rainy Days

Don't let rainy days keep you and your little one indoors. All iCandy pushchair bundles include a raincover that can easily be attached to your stroller to shield your child from wet weather. The transparent cover allows your child to enjoy the surroundings without compromising their comfort. It’s vitally important to only use the raincover when it is actually raining and to air dry it before you store it away!

8. Hand Mitts for Pusher

While your baby is tucked into an iCandy Footmuff, don't forget about your own comfort. Consider adding hand mitts to your pushchair. Mamas & Papas offer hand mitts that attach easily to the pushchair handlebar, keeping your hands warm and protected during chilly walks.

Winterising your pushchair is a thoughtful and practical way to ensure that both you and your little one can embrace the beauty of winter safely. From keeping it clean and well-maintained to adding essential accessories, these steps will make your winter strolls enjoyable and worry-free. So, bundle up, prepare your pushchair, and embrace the winter wonderland with confidence.

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