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Holly Burge’s Cheeky Faces Toy Collection Review

Holly Burge’s Cheeky Faces Toy Collection Review

Playtime is one of the most important times of the day for baby, it’s also the most fun. And what better way to enjoy it than with a few friendly faces. Our new Cheeky Faces baby toys are designed to entertain your little one and help them develop their coordination. New Parent Approved Panellist Holly, with baby Posey, give their Cheeky Faces Toy Collection Review.

Our Cheeky Faces Toy Collection Review...

The Cheeky Faces range is beautifully bright and colourful, with cute characters that have super friendly faces. The range has a Tummy Time Cushion and Baby Travel Toys to keep little ones entertained.

Let’s first talk about the design of the range. I have a rather neutral home, anything cream or grey and I’m there, so this is the first bit of colour Posey is really getting to play with. The rich and vibrant jewel tones add a gorgeous pop of colour to our lounge, which is a bonus as - let’s face it, us adults have to look at their toys too. The characters, like the collection name suggests, really do have ‘cheeky faces’. The attention to detail is just adorable, like the rosy cheeks on Koko The Koala.

The playmat and gym is perfect for Posey to stimulate her in this early developmental phase, as she is 6 weeks old and has just started reaching out to touch things and is starting to focus on objects. From the first time I put Posey on the playmat, she was thoroughly entertained. Features such as the scrunchy base and squeaker; hanging teethers and rattle toys, really engage her senses. She gets captivated looking at the animals and reaches her arms out to touch them. Her favourite thing is to kick her legs on the crunchy base which gets her all over-excited.

She has made a new bestie and loves nothing more than looking longingly into Koko’s eyes and then when she’s had enough, she challenges the koala to a boxing match. There is so much to keep her entertained while on the mat and most importantly, it keeps her super quiet and entertained, which wins massive mum points with me. She even wore herself out and had a mini nap on it the other day and I managed to put some makeup on… winner.

The Activity Snuggle Rug is perfect for tummy time. Posey can only really handle short periods of time holding her head up at the moment. So this is perfect to get her beach body ready and pump some iron in the gym. Tummy time is important for muscle development. The rug makes it so much easier to weave this into her day without her really realising. The fabric is super soft and snuggly whilst the cushion is supportive, making it the perfect place to chill and play.

It also acts like a little sofa if Posey sits the other way around. She really seems to find this comfortable. The first time I put Posey on the rug, I think I placed her too high and she face-planted the floor in slow motion... bad mother award coming my way. However, I have now perfected the placement and she can lie comfortably and engage with the toys attached. There are also additional hoops to attach her other toys, which are handy. We took this to granny’s on Sunday. It was small enough to chuck in the car and kept her happy while the family had a good catch up.

I must admit - I am one for consistency. So I love that there are other items in the range that match. The Koko Koala Activity Toy looks great clipped onto our Ocarro Pushchair. It really keeps her entertained while out and about with its rattle, mirror and squeaker.

The Activity Book is another great addition to the range. It has lots of different interactive elements with the super cute Ebby Elephant, Koko Koala and Maxi Monkey characters. It also comes with a detachable mini Koko. We have hooked this onto Posey’s car seat, so she has something to look at as we drive along.

Overall, the design and quality of the range have really impressed me. I feel the toys have already helped Posey’s development in the short few weeks we have been using them. I love them as much as Posey seems to, so it’s a thumbs up from both of us!

What a great Cheeky Faces toy collection review. It seems like everyone is having fun, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re thrilled Posey (and mum) are getting so much out of our new Cheeky Faces collection. And we’re sure you will too! Shop our Cheeky Faces collection now

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