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Holly Burge's Snax Highchair Review

Holly Burge's Snax Highchair Review

When you're starting to wean your little one, you need a highchair that makes life easier. That's where our Snax Highchair comes in. We asked Parent Approved Panellist, Holly, to give it a go with her little one, Posey. Read their Snax Highchair review now...

Stop the press, we are weaning. To say that I was nervous to start is an understatement. I waited till Posey was 6 months and not a day less. Then I was about to change everything I had learnt about feeding my baby.

I think if I’m honest with myself, I was 50% scared of choking, me doing it wrong and Posey just dam right hating food. And 50% of me didn’t want her to not be a little baby anymore.

But, we took the plunge and to my surprise, she loved it! Looks like she loves food just like her mama. I put a lot of that down to the Mamas & Papas Snax Highchair.

Our Snax Highchair Review

We had the highchair for a couple of weeks before we started weaning and I think that helped no end. I would put Posey in the chair from time to time. I gave her toys to play with and sang songs to show her that this new thing wasn’t scary. It was a fun and exciting place to be. When I eventually gave her the first meal, she was calm and happy which made the whole thing a lot less scary. I would highly recommend that trick, as it worked wonders for us.

There are several features that I love about the Snax Highchair.

Firstly, the design is gorgeous. I usually go for white and grey items for the house, but the rainbow design really caught my eye. The pink is such a nice subtle colour, I thought it would fit in perfectly with our home.

The chair is also a great fit. Posey is a small 6 months. I was worried that she would be too small and not feel secure in a highchair. I needn’t have worried as the highchair has a variety of positions. They include six height settings, 3 reclining positions and 3 tray settings. Posey is on the smallest setting in all areas. That means that there is plenty of room for the chair to grow with her. The height options really help too. Sometimes I feed Posey at the table with us and other times I sit in front of her on a chair. It’s easy to adjust the height to fit both, so it makes my life a lot easier.

When the highchair arrived, I hadn’t realised how amazing a wipe-clean seat would be. Weaning is one messy business! The padding also helps to keep Posey secure. Plus it stops her from hurting herself when she gets overexcited that the food is on its way and starts wriggling from side to side.

The extra-large tray, with its removable insert, makes it easy to clean post food fight. We are giving Posey a combination of finger foods and purees. The tray is ideal to place the finger food on and Posey works on her hand-eye coordination grabbing them from there. Easy and less washing up!

The Snax Highchair is also great for saving space. If your home looks anything like mine, cluttered with baby bits, you will love that the chair can be folded away with the tray still attached. There is also a handy storage basket underneath. I have been keeping flannels and bibs in, so I can give Posey a good old wipe down after the carnage.

Finally, I like that you can move the chair around on its castors. It’s so easy to move, I can drag it along while I have Posey on my hip, no problem.

We have the matching long-sleeved bib which I just love. Other people may not be bothered by things like this, but I love me a bit of matchy-matchy! It covers all her clothes and is waterproof, so all the mess stays away from her pretty little outfits. Overall, I think that the highchair has really supported us through the transition of weaning and has made my life as a mum a lot easier. Let’s face it, as parents, anything that makes our lives easier is a win.

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