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Christy Leigh-Castles' Franklin Cot Bed Review

Christy Leigh-Castles' Franklin Cot Bed Review

If you're moving your child into their own room, you'll need a cot bed. Ideally, one that offers robust support at bedtime, along with a stylish design and lots of storage. So what about the Franklin cot bed? Find out how Parent Approved Panellist, Christy, got on with hers. Read her Franklin Cot Bed review...

Bonnie has been sleeping through the night for a while now. I was a bit concerned the transition from her SnuzPod and Sleepyhead to her own room in a big cot would unsettle her, but it’s actually done her the world of good. Her Franklin Cot Bed means she now has loads of room to get comfy. She can wriggle around to find whichever position she likes best throughout the night.

We moved Bonnie into her cot with the base at the lowest level as she is 7 months and has learnt how to pull herself up! The cot is so so spacious so she doesn’t feel trapped and has lots of room to play (safely!) This is ideal when I need to pop her somewhere to get any jobs done.

I love the design of the Franklin Cot Bed. I found it hard to find something with a more block looking design that looked sturdy too, but this is exactly that. The slight wood grain effect adds something different to it and the white is so versatile where it will suit any nursery theme or colours. I’m hoping to find a floral wallpaper and floral sheets; I’m always changing my mind though which isn’t an issue as the cot converts into a big girl’s bed! Being able to match with anything and transitioning with Bonnie as she gets older, it’s great to know it will go with whatever colour and theme we choose between then and now.

Image of baby Bonnie standing up tall in the Franklin cot bed

I can’t wait for a few years’ time when we can turn the cot into a proper bed. This is so cute! What I love about this particular cot bed is that both ends shorten in height which eliminates the large headboard. That way you can’t even tell it used to be a cot. I love the fact the end of the cot isn’t bars too. It gives it a more solid look and they also have handy bars on each end to hang things on. You can hang anything from nappy organisers to sleeping bags and blankets!

Another great feature is the big drawer underneath. It has plenty of room which I use to store Bonnie’s muslins, blankets and extra bedsheets. The drawer is on a rail which makes it easy to open and close quietly. It's a massive deal breaker when baby is sleeping away in the cot.

Lastly, my partner built the cot. He was so impressed at how easy it was to build and how clear the instructions were. Not to mention the quality. This says a lot as he has spent sooo many hours building furniture over the last ten years. He said it was the best and easiest thing to build yet; winner!

Bonnie loves it, we love it and I’m sure you will too.

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