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Attending Our Own Parent To Be Event

Attending Our Own Parent To Be Event

As they're expecting, two of our team members attended one of our monthly Parent to Be events to see what they could learn and to start preparing for their new arrival. Find out how they got on.

We thought we’d tell you a story. A story of boy meets girl.

The girl in this story is Nadine. The boy is John. And the story of John and Nadine is a love story. One filled with romance, happiness and companionship. But unlike a Richard Curtis movie, this isn’t a fantasy, Hugh Grant is nowhere to be seen (sorry John) and it doesn’t take place against the beautiful London skyline.

Instead, it all happened at the Mamas & Papas’ head office restaurant.

For many colleagues, it was simply another lunchtime, but for John and Nadine, it was the start of something special. Their eyes met across a crowded salad bar and, from there, the relationship bubbled up like the Soup of the Day. Theirs is truly a love story of meal deal proportions.

And now comes the third helping.

John and Nadine are expecting their first baby. Everyone at Mamas & Papas could not be more excited for them. And, let’s face it; they’re in the best place to start a family.

So we thought we’d help them on their way with an invite to one of our Parent to Be events. If you haven’t heard about them, you should definitely check them out. They’re a great place to make a start with all your baby preparations and meet other expectant parents.

Taking place at our stores before opening hours, our Parent to Be events are full of useful information and advice from a variety of experts. Each event features guests covering a variety of topics, from car seat safety to first aid for babies, from pregnancy nutrition to product demonstrations. And what’s more, every new parent that attends gets a free goody bag and lots of tasty refreshments. If you’re expecting and looking for somewhere to start, our Parent to Be events are just the thing.

Getting feedback from expectant parents is how we refine and improve what we do, to keep giving you the best service. Following their experience, we asked Nadine and John what they thought of the event.

So it’s over to them…

How did you both find the Parent to Be event?

It was fantastic. It flowed nicely and there were lots of friendly staff on hand to help. It’s a gorgeous store, so easy to navigate and shop.

We learnt so much and came away knowing how to fit our ISOFIX car seat base, fold our pram and apply first aid to a choking baby. All good things to know.

What was your favourite part of the event?

We really enjoyed the talks. They were full of lots of useful information, especially the first aid talk and the car seat demonstration.

What one piece of advice did you learn at the event that was especially helpful?

That you should never keep your baby in their car seat for longer than 90 minutes. We would never have known if we hadn’t attended.

What did you think of the free goody bag?

Anything free is always nice! But we also loved the vest and bib – so cute!

Did you end up treating yourself to anything on the day?

Yes! It was so easy to find things, we couldn’t resist. With so many lovely items to choose from, we bought a dress, a nappy storage holder, a snow globe and a nightlight and soother.

"We really enjoyed the talks. They were full of lots of useful information, especially the first aid talk and the car seat demonstration."

Nadine & John

It sounds like it was a successful day! So, would you recommend the Parent to Be events to friends and family?

For sure, yes! It’s full of useful information and advice.

We’re so glad you enjoyed it! And finally, what one thing makes you proud to work at Mamas & Papas?

The people. We wouldn’t have been stayed for over 6 years if it weren’t for them.

Thanks, Nadine and John! Everyone at Mamas & Papas wishes you all the best for your new arrival!

It definitely seems like they got a lot from the event, which is great to know. It just shows that you can always learn something new, and that experiencing something like this with other expectant parents, is a great way to make that first big step towards welcoming your little one home feel a little less intimidating.
If you’re looking for advice, support or just a bit of company while you plan for your baby, then find your nearest Mamas & Papas store and book your place at our free monthly Parent to Be events. If you prefer things on a one-to-one basis, our Personal Shopping appointments are free and a great way to figure out everything you need with the help of a friendly face.

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