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Ali Buckley’s Baby Snug Review

Ali Buckley’s Baby Snug Review

As your little one starts to gain some more independence, it can help to find parenting tools that allow them to embrace some me-time. With our Baby Snug booster seat, once your child is able to hold their head up, they can learn to sit up in a supportive and comfortable seat designed for wriggly bottoms. We asked new Parent Approved Panellist, Ali and baby Marlow, to give it a try. Here's their Baby Snug Review...

Having a baby that can sit is a dream. My eldest son who is now two and a half sat at around seven months. The day after he learned to sit, he learned to crawl!

This was a logistical nightmare and I very much missed out on the sitting baby phase.

With the arrival of our new baby, I knew straight away that I wanted to use a sitting aid, not only to help encourage his development but also to support him, while his brother who has not stopped moving since he was seven months old, plays and dances around him.

The Mamas & Papas Baby Snug is a bit of a lifesaver because not only can he sit in it supported, he can play, and we have started to wean him in it too.

The Baby Snug Review – what is it?

Baby Snug is a baby seat that supports baby sitting up on their own. There is a soft, squidgy (wipe clean) insert that can be removed as baby grows too. They advise that you can use the seat from the moment baby can support their own head. Although remember, every baby is different and I would say you will know when they can use this - you can always just start using it for very short periods of time to start with.

It is super stable as it has a very wide base with a non-slip bottom, which is great for a wriggly baby and really good when my toddler gives him a surprise cuddle while sitting in it.

Baby Snug for Play

One of the lovely features of the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug is the play tray. The tray sticks to the main white tray with clever suction pads – and is full of lots of little interactive toys.

I personally love the colour palette they have designed it with. They have used high resolution and monochrome colour combinations as these are very stimulating for baby. But, although bright and fun, the colours are less ‘full-on’ and more muted – let's just say it's easier on the eye compared to other toys we have!

Once the baby has finished playing, or if you want to introduce some other toys or food, you can remove the tray really quickly by pulling two tabs.

However, be careful if you replace the activity tray while baby is sat in the Baby Snug, take care that baby’s fingers are not near the edges, as it’s a firm and snug fit to the main tray underneath.

Baby Snug Review | For Feeding

When we were first sent the Baby Snug, I didn’t think I would use it for weaning, but actually, it's been great for weaning so far. Our baby is just having some first tastes of food at five months and this has been the perfect place to sit him.

With my first child, we had to prop him up in his highchair to help him sit (because as previously mentioned, he didn’t sit!) But with the Baby Snug, he's well supported which means he is finding it easier to do baby-led weaning.

Also, as the tray is fully detachable, it is very easy to clean. And if he drops his spoon it doesn't make quite as much mess as it doesn’t have far to fall!

For Everyday

It is a very multifunctional seat, one that we have so far used every day this month. I can see us using it for a long time to come and we are even going to take it away with us for a weekend away with friends so he has somewhere that’s his space while we are away.

It’s a fairly portable item, and we move it around from room to room. However, one point that I think would be useful, would be that if it had a small handle area to pick the snug up. As we all know us mums have to do most things with one arm, so it would be great if we could bend down and quickly pick it up one-handed.

With our Baby Snug booster seat, it seems that Marlow is sitting pretty, which should give mum Ali a bit of downtime watching her little one enjoying some independent play. And with the ability to support them with weaning, the Baby Snug has plenty of uses.

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