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Affordable Luxury: Our Quality Babywear & Clothing

Affordable Luxury: Our Quality Babywear & Clothing

When buying outfits for your little one, you want to make sure you’re buying the very best without breaking the bank. Find out more about Mamas & Papas’ babywear, full of thoughtful design details, quality materials and affordable prices.

When it comes to shopping for baby, all we want is the best. And that’s definitely true of their baby clothing.

Not only do we want pieces that are – let’s face it – incredibly cute, but we want outfits that are designed to withstand wash after wash (after wash). We want a stylish, comfortable range of options that are full of personality and character. And perhaps most importantly, we want to know that our child’s new wardrobe won’t break the bank.

That’s why, at Mamas & Papas, we’re committed to creating pieces of Affordable Luxury. Quality clothing that is soft, comfortable, stylish and functional, and all at a great price.

It’s all in the detail | Luxury touches that justify the price

We believe in thinking about the detail in everything we do. And it’s no different with our babywear. We imbue all our outfits and pieces with luxury details that mean you’re only paying for the very best.

With a range of collections, from our Welcome to the World newborn range, and our Everyday Special stylish casual wear, to our glamorous Occasionwear and Multipack Essentials; all our babywear and clothing is designed with thoughtful details to bring you the very best in luxurious quality, at a price you’ll love.

Babywear Functional Details | Making life easier

We believe our clothing should be functional. Whether you have a tiny baby or an adventurous toddler, you need clothing that lets them – and you - get on with life. Comfortable, easy to put on, easy to take off, and safe against their skin, we’re committed to creating clothing that is up to the challenge.

Some of the details include:

Nickel Free Poppers

Babies are sensitive and the last thing you need is clothing that rubs, scratches or makes them uncomfortable. We make sure all our clothing poppers are nickel-free so they don’t irritate your little one’s skin.

Easy-Shoulder Envelope Openings

We were surprised to find that not many people know about the genius of envelope opening that can be found on the shoulders of most of our bodysuits. If you peel back the shoulder flaps you create a wider opening, meaning you can strip baby from the neck down – perfect after a messy dinner. If you’re dressing your little one, you can use the envelope opening as a less-fiddly alternative to the popper-ed end.

Built-in Scratch Mitts

When they’re so little, babies don’t know their own strength and, before you know it, their little nails can cause scratches and cuts. Our built-in scratch mitts stop this from happening, protecting your little one from themselves.

Our Golden Popper

Dressing your little one after a late-night feed, or anytime during that blurry-eyed haze of the first few weeks of parenting, is often harder than it should be. You find yourself skipping poppers and ending up with an extra button at the end. Not with our ingenious golden popper.

On each of our popper-ed outfits, the first popper is colour-coded gold, so you know where to start. Match the gold popper to the gold clasp, then work your way around the rest. A real lifesaver when you’re in a hurry.

Babywear Fabric Details | Stunning fabrics that feel luxurious

Clothing gets its luxury feel from the fabrics you choose, and we choose only the best fabrics to create robust babywear that is not only designed to last but are soft and gentle against a child’s sensitive skin.

Some of the fabrics we use are:

Made with 100% Cotton

We believe in 100% cotton, so many of our outfits are made with it. With a variety of cottons, from woven, knitted and Jersey to cotton layers and ultra-soft cottons, we think that the more cotton in an outfit, the more comfortable and cosier it is.

Ultra-soft Cotton

The majority of our newborn clothing collection, Welcome to the World, is made with super-soft cotton. With its fine but durable fibre, it creates an outfit that lasts after every wash, while providing your newborn with the protective comfort they need.

Quilted Jersey Fabric

Everyone loves being cosy, and with our Quilted Jersey fabric, your child can enjoy outfits that are soft, lightweight and incredibly plush.

Metallic Lurex Fabric

Even outfits for little ones should embrace a bit of sparkle, and pieces made with Lurex fabric do just that. It brings a shimmering metallic finish to their wardrobe.

Grey Marl

We love grey marl, so much so that it also adorns some of our pushchair fabrics. It’s made by blending two different fabrics to create a soft, knitted piece in a stylish, subtle grey.

Babywear Design Details | Little touches of luxury

Just because an outfit is practical, it doesn’t mean it can’t look good too. We love style and we love creating babywear that looks good. Taking inspiration from the latest trends in the fashion world, we create outfits bursting with colour, style and personality.

Full of quality touches that add a luxury feel to your little one’s clothing, our design details were created to stand out. Details include:

Embroidered Details

It doesn’t take much embroidery to make an outfit stand out. That’s why we love showing off pieces with delicate, intricate embroidered patterns and trims.

Frill Details

We believe in bringing a touch of flair to even the tiniest outfit, and with soft frill detailing you can create outfits that really stand out.

Decorative Appliqué Details

Adding something a little extra special to your child’s wardrobe, pieces with 3D appliqué detailing enrich their clothes with bold fabric elements and bags of personality.

Illustrated Print Details

All our prints are designed right here in the UK, by our in-house team of designers. Taking inspiration from current trends, they bring a burst of attitude and style to any outfit.

Pom-Pom Details

OK, we’ll admit it. We love a pom-pom. It’s a fun way to inject a little playfulness into an outfit. Often using bold, bright colours against subtle pastel shades, pom-poms pop with personality.

We love fashion and love creating outfits for parents that love fashion too. Because in those early days you want nothing but the best for your little one, and we don’t see why your bank account should take the hit. Our babywear is bursting with style, fun and, above everything else, luxury. Affordable luxury.

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