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40 years of loving Mamas & Papas Pushchairs

40 years of loving Mamas & Papas Pushchairs

We’ve raided your photo albums to check out your vintage Mamas & Papas pushchairs purchases and relive some of your Mamas & Papas memories.

At Mamas & Papas we’ve been helping parents grow their families for over 40 years, with our award-winning baby products and our expert advice. And just as you’ve been busy adding to your families over the years we’ve also been growing ours. So as we get ready to launch some exciting new products for 2022 we decided to take a look back at how we’ve changed over the years.

We asked you to share your Mamas & Papas memories on social media and we’ve absolutely loved seeing your Mamas & Papas pushchairs from through the years, and hearing the stories behind them.

Here’s a little selection of highlights from your own family photo albums. So pour yourself a cuppa, have a scroll and indulge in a little nostalgia with us. You might even remember some of these Mamas & Papas classics from your own childhood…

1995: Through the generations

Proving the longevity of our pushchairs – as well as their timeless style – Tracy still has her pushchair from over 25 years ago! “I used this pram for all four of my children (between 1995 and 2001). I loved it. I couldn’t bear to part with it! I know it’s ‘only’ a pram, but I just couldn’t get rid of it!” Still complete with sunshade, changing bag and rain cover, it’s a fantastic testament to the durability and quality of our pushchairs.

1998: Commited to M&P

Loyal Mamas & Papas fan Joanne chose our pushchairs for all four of her children – who are now aged between 7 and 24 – opting for some of our most iconic models. “I had the Zoom and the Urbo travel systems for the younger two.” Check out all that eye-catching vintage print- a real 90’s throwback!

1999: Test of time

When it comes to sustainability, ‘buy once buy well’ is an important concept, which is why we love seeing our old pushchairs still performing. Elizabeth originally purchased this bright number for her son. He’s now 22 but her Mamas & Papas pushchair is still going strong - as we can see from this recent snap of her new baby, out for a spring stroll.

2001: In the driving seat

Shona kept both her pushchair and her car seat for over 11 years. This car seat was originally purchased in 2001, but was most recently used again, as seen in this pic, in 2018.

2002: Pre-loved

We love to see our classic products being re-homed. Beth decided to purchase this vintage Mamas & Papas pushchair – complete with parasol and colourful stripe design - for her little one, who was born last year. “I prefer the style of vintage prams – they look so comfortable for little ones and are lovely to push. I loved the colours and pattern of this one.

2006: Twice as nice

Impressed by the durability of the pushchair she purchased in 2006, Tal decided to give it a new lease of life in 2011, during a walk with her little one. “I chose this three-in-one because I loved having a parent-facing pushchair. Not only did it look lovely it was so comfortable to push.”

2012: Room to grow

When Claire chose her Luna in 2012 she was won over by how spacious it was, while still folding up so compactly. “I actually chose it because my son was tall and the Luna allowed him room to grow…It was so easy to steer and folded up quite compact too. We took it abroad once and it was so easy to transport.” She loved it so much she still used it years later when her little one was up and walking – as you can see from this snap.

2021: Award-winning

A step into our own archives reveals the pushchairs you’ve been loving most recently. Our ever-popular Strada Pushchair scooped the title of ‘Best pushchair design’ in 2021, while our Ocarro Pushchair - a best-seller since its launch in 2016 - continues to be a firm family favourite. Winning a whopping 10 awards between 2019 and 2021, there’s no denying that this all-rounder all-terrain pushchair continues to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of families.

2022: Jet Setting

Named the winner of ‘Best Lightweight Stroller’ in the LBP awards 2021, and earning bronze place in the ‘Best Travel Essential’ category of the Dadsnet Awards 2021, the Mamas & Papas Airo pushchair is officially a must-have for parents looking to travel as lightly, compactly and swiftly as possible. And with foreign holidays firmly back on the agenda this year, the Airo pushchair is the hero product of Summer 2022.