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Baby Safety FAQ

How can I baby proof my home?

When your little one starts to roll, crawl and walk, you'll want to babyproof your home to make sure they're kept safe and out of harm's way. The best way to do this is to place a baby gate across the top and bottom of stairs, as well as any rooms you want to keep them out of. Baby gates are a really simple and affordable way to give you a little extra peace of mind whilst your baby explores their environment, and with plenty of innovative designs around, there's bound to be a stair gate that fits your home and lifestyle.

What should I consider when choosing a baby monitor?

A baby monitor lets you keep an eye on your little one from wherever you are in your home. Baby monitors can include clever features that make your life a little easier, like video and audio capabilities, motion detectors, and nightlights. Some of the latest baby monitors even feature HD cameras, which give you a sharper picture than standard definition - so you won't miss a thing.

What other baby safety products should I consider?

There's a wide range of baby safety essentials that'll come in handy for your growing family. From baby gates to stop them going up and down stairs to car seat mirrors that help you keep an eye on them whilst you drive, we stock plenty of products to keep your little one safe. You might want to consider a night light to keep you and your baby safe during night time feeds and changes, and we recommend investing in a room thermometer in your nursery, to make sure it's always the right temperature for your baby.

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