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Pushchair Buying Guide: Which Pushchair should I buy?

Pushchair Buying Guide: Which Pushchair should I buy?

Shopping for your pushchair is so exciting – it’s one of the most personal purchases you’ll make when you’re getting ready for your new arrival. But, when it comes to choosing one that’ll work for you, we get that one size fits all just won’t cut it.

Every family lives a little differently, so you’ll need a pushchair that can keep up with all of your everyday adventures – whether that’s nipping to the shops, playing in the park or hopping on a train. With so much choice out there, we’ve put together a helpful guide to choosing one of our award-winning pushchairs to go the journey with you – including some of our top tips and favourite picks.

Buggy, Stroller, Pushchair or Pram?

First things first, let’s bust some of that jargon. You’ve probably heard your friends and family calling their pushchair by lots of different names. Although parents often use the terms pram, pushchair, buggy and stroller interchangeably, they all do a slightly different job, so it helps to know the difference before you shop around. We’ve broken it down for you.


A folding seat on wheels, designed for babies and small children to be pushed around in. Some can be used from birth, others from toddler age.


Similar to pushchairs but with a flat bed, so your newborn can snooze in a more natural position during those early months.


Also referred to as a buggy, lightweight strollers are often easier to carry around and compact when folded up, and are mostly used for toddlers.

Travel System

A pushchair that comes with a compatible car seat and carrycot, so you can travel from the day your little one is born, and easily switch between modes.

What type of Pushchair does your baby need?

First Stage Pushchairs

First-stage pushchairs can be used from birth, usually until your little one is 3-4 years old. Here are the features you’ll need to look out for to find one that works for you and your newborn.

Carrycot Ready

Newborns need to lie flat for their first few months, so look out for a pushchair that’s compatible with your carrycot.

Parent Facing

Having a seat that faces you whilst you stroll will help you keep an eye on your little one whilst they snooze.

Lie-back seats

When your baby is a little bigger they can go from sitting upright, to lying back for a comfy nap.

Car seat ready

Finding a pushchair that fits with your car seat will be a lifesaver if you’ll be going from the car to the shops.

Forward facing

It’s also handy if your seat can face out at the world, so your baby can enjoy the sights and sounds whilst out and about.

Second Stage Pushchairs

Second-stage pushchairs are used for toddlers, and are designed to be reliable, lightweight and compact. That means you can easily push it about whilst they explore, and when their little legs get tired, they’ve got a comfy place to rest.

Adjustable seats

Perfect for when your toddler gets tired, an adjustable seat means you can easily switch between sitting up and lying down.


Keep an eye out for a buggy that’s compact when folded up – perfect for taking on holiday or stashing in the car boot.

Lightweight design

If your little one fancies a run around the park, a buggy with a lightweight design means it won’t get in your way.

Which pushchair should you choose?

When it comes to picking your perfect pushchair, you’ll need to have a think about how you’ll be getting from A to B with your little one. We’ve designed a family of award-winning pushchairs for every type of lifestyle, so wherever you live, whatever you love to do and however you travel, we’ve got one that’ll work for you.

We’ve made sure they’re packed with helpful features, too, so it’ll be super-easy for you to get out and about with your little one in tow. And they all come with our unique one-hand fold, which gives you one less thing to worry about when you’ve got your hands full with your little one, shopping bags, car keys, phone, snacks…

We haven’t forgotten your mini passenger, either. Our pushchairs are so comfy for your little one that they’re totally snooze-worthy, with roomy seats and super-soft fabrics.

So, which pushchair would work best for you?

Our Best Pushchair for travelling

Our award-winning Airo pushchair

Whether you travel by tube, train or even on a plane, hopping on and off public transport can be a challenge even without a pushchair in tow. So, if you’re going to be using public transport regularly, look out for a lightweight pushchair with the following features:

  • Light to push and carry
  • Folds away easily when your hands are full
  • Narrow enough to push down an aisle
  • Large wheels that won’t get stuck in platform gaps
  • Fits into a luggage rack or pushchair space

Folded dimensions
H25 x W45 x D55cm

Unfolded dimensions at highest handle height
H99 x W45 x D95.5cm

Weight: 7.6kg

Why we love it

  • Folds with one hand for quick and compact storage
  • Baby can watch the world with the fully upright seat
  • Feels and looks premium thanks to luxury trims and details

Our top tip...

Whilst our Airo can be used from birth, it’s worth knowing that some lighter buggies and strollers can only be used when your little one can sit up unsupported – usually when they’re around 6 months old. If you’re travelling with your newborn, a pram or pushchair with a lie-flat seat will be the best option.

Our best Pushchair for urban lifestyles

Our award-winning Strada pushchair

If you’re going to be strolling through town, nipping to the shops or visiting grandparents in a car, then a compact, lightweight pushchair is for you. You can even go for a travel system that includes a pushchair, a carrycot and a car seat – this means that you can easily click your car seat in and out of your car and attach it to your pushchair. Keep an eye out for a pushchair with the following features:

  • Car seat and carrycot compatible
  • Light enough to lift in and out of your car boot or footwell
  • Compact when folded – perfect for coffee shops and smaller living spaces
  • Small frame for steering through tight streets and shop doors

Folded dimensions

H: 36 x W: 56 x L: 66cm

Unfolded dimensions

H: 95 x W: 56 x L: 88cm



Why we love it

  • Folds with one hand for quick and compact storage
  • Lightweight frame tackles tight streets and busy shops
  • Easy to navigate with small wheels and light steering

Our top tip...

Before you go shopping for your perfect pushchair, measure your car boot and note down the numbers. It’s also worth knowing how much room your average weekly shop takes up, so you won’t find yourself short on space when you’re out and about.

Our best pushchair for country-living

Our award-winning Ocarro pushchair

If you’re planning some off-road family fun, an all-terrain pushchair is designed to keep your little one comfy even when the ride gets a bit bumpy. They’re perfect for taking the dog out, heading for a picnic in the park or even hiking on trails. Look out for an all-terrain pushchair with the following features:

  • Large wheels that can tackle different surfaces
  • Good suspension that’ll cushion baby on bumpier rides
  • Adjustable handlebars to keep you comfy as you push

Folded dimensions

H:40 x W: 59 x D: 78cm

Unfolded dimensions

H: 101 x W: 59 x L: 101cm



Why we love it

  • Folds with one hand for quick and compact storage
  • The padded plush seat means a comfy ride for baby
  • Tackle any terrain with the supportive dual suspension

Our top tip...

Our top tip...

If you’re planning on getting your hike on, avoid wheels that swivel around. Choosing a pushchair with lockable wheels will make it really easy to switch between smooth pavement and rougher trails.

Ready to shop?

Discover our family of award-winning pushchairs – as well as a whole host of other pushchairs, strollers and buggies from some of our favourite pushchair brands, like Bugaboo and Maxi-Cosi.

Or, pop into your local store to give one of our pushchairs a go on our multi-terrain test-track.

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