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Hollie Evelyn's Ocarro Pushchair Review

Hollie Evelyn's Ocarro Pushchair Review

Choosing a pushchair can be incredibly difficult, especially if you're a first time parent. Knowing what to look for can be mind boggling. Luckily for you, our Parent Approved panellist Hollie is about to make your decision a lot easier! Read Hollie Evelyn's Ocarro Pushchair review below.


Hollie Parent Approved Ocarro Review

One of the main things you go back and forth choosing as a soon-to-be mother is the pushchair. I remember visiting so many stores to have mini test runs, endlessly reading review after review and finally, I landed on one…. That was until I sent it back because I found another. The new one weighed less, had a super easy one hand fold (mega handy when you’re also holding baby). It also had generous storage underneath.

The Mamas and Papas Ocarro was everything I had seen in 15 pushchairs all rolled into one. Nine months on I still look forward to using it, and with ease! One of the highlights of the Ocarro is the fact that it is always all one piece. You don’t have a separate base and chair to lug around which makes getting it in and out of the car a dream. We also have the luxury sheep skin liner. It is so perfectly snug and does make me wish I could be pushed around in a fluffy seat, drinking something warm and watching the world go by... I guess the one compromise is the pushchair bundle does come with a drinks holder and an amazing pair of warm pram mitts. Both attach to the handle area so we can feel cosy too.

A lot of my favourite aspects of the Ocarro all centre around practicality and comfort. As a mum you want little everyday things to make our busy and somewhat stressful lives smoother and more enjoyable . The Ocarro will forever one of my favourite items, and will stick around should we be lucky to extend our family once more...

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