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Attending A Parent to Be Event At Mamas & Papas

Attending A Parent to Be Event At Mamas & Papas

Those first few months of pregnancy are sometimes the most cautious. You're only just getting used to things and yet you're expected to make some pretty big decisions straight away. Well don't do it alone, attend one of our Parent to Be events. They're a great way to learn new things and meet people in exactly the same boat.

When people talk about events, it usually falls into two categories: big fun milestone events like Glastonbury and the Olympics, or those work events that involve team exercises like catching Janet from accounts before she falls, or building a fort with the lads from IT.

What if there was a middle ground? Something you can attend that's enjoyable, while also helping you to learn something, and not in a what-does-this-teach-me-about-my-chi type way - actual practical tips to help make life easier.

Well, say hello to our Parent to Be event.

Parent to Be Events | Be a Part of It

Our Parent to Be events happen throughout the year and they're a great place to get started on your parenting journey. Not only are they filled with lots of useful advice on the subjects that matter to you, but they're a chance to kick back and enjoy yourself with other like-minded expectant parents.

Taking place at stores across the UK, we take over things for a couple of hours and give you free rein access to everything in the store. But not only that, we've got some exciting people lined up.

A woman is stood in a Mamas & Papas store in front of a crowd of people, addressing them and giving a speech on car seat safety at our Parent to Be events. Behind her is an array of displays and informational graphics.

In the know

We work with a range of experts from a range of fields, to help bring you the information that matters. Think of it like a TED at a retail park - but not as depressing as that sounds. Working with local and national experts, it's a great way to leave the books and computer screen behind and learn about the important things first hand.

Our experts cover a range of subjects, including:

Car Seat Safety Advice

Helping you to find the safest possible car seat for your little one and even tips on how to fit it.

First Aid Advice

Expert tips on first aid and staying safe with your little one.

Pushchair Demonstrations

Giving you the lowdown on what you need to know about pushchairs and how best to find the one that's right for you.

Dream Nursery Essentials

Looking for inspiration to styling their first bedroom? We'll show you how to make the most of your space.

And lots more...

Taking it further

If you like what you're reading, then book a place at our next event. If you want to know more, we offer a range of workshops throughout the year. Like the Parent to Be events, they offer lots of great advice and tips from experts, on a range of subject, but they're spread out over a number of weeks. Ideal if you want to deepen your understanding.

Parents to Be Together

A pregnancy expert is discussing breathing as part of an in store parent to be events for Mamas and Papas. An expectant mother follows her instructions and practices breathing.

As well as all the great advice knocking around, one of the most important aspects of our Parent to Be events, is meeting other parents to be. It's easy to stay in your own bubble when you're preparing for a little one, and this is a great way to burst that bubble and find out how other people are doing. We guarantee they're experiencing a lot of the same things as you.

This isn't a networking event. It's not about lanyards and cold coffee. It's about sharing your experience with others, so bring your partner or grandparents or friends along, and be prepared to meet other people. At the very least, you've got one thing in common.

Looking After Parents to Be

It's not just about the advice, it's about treating yourself too. Our events offer free goody bags, drinks and refreshments to make the whole day more enjoyable. So come along, grab a smoothie, maybe a muffin or two and take advantage of everything that's going on.

A helping hand...

Not only do we have all that great support and advice, but we go one step further by giving you exclusive access to these exciting Parents to Be offers:

£100 off when you spend over £1,000

£150 off when you spend over £1,500

£250 off when you spend over £2,000

"The Parents to Be event really exceeded our expectations! The information provided on first aid, the different types of products available and their features was really beneficial. The treats on the door were a pleasant surprise and we loved the little goody bag."

Liverpool Customer, 12th September 2017

Book a Place at our Parent to Be Events

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