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The most popular baby names of 2022

The most popular baby names of 2022

Choosing your new baby’s name can be a lot of fun. In fact, for many parents-to-be it’s one of the most exciting parts of waiting for your little one to arrive. It can also be tricky though – let’s face it, it’s a real responsibility giving your baby the name they’ll grow into an adult with. Plus trying to find a name you and your partner can both love equally can be a genuine challenge. Which is why we’ve rounded up the most popular baby names of 2022, together with their origins and meanings, to give you a little baby name inspiration. And if you’re after popular baby names that are a little quirkier, or with a slightly more unique influence, then keep reading on…

Top 10 Baby Boy Names of 2022

Muhammad. Origin: Arabic Meaning: "praised"

Noah. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning "comfort" or "rest"

Jack. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: "God is gracious".

Theo. Origin: Greek. Meaning "Gift from God"

Leo. Origin: Latin. Meaning "lion".

Oliver. Origin: Latin. Meaning "olive tree".

George. Origin: Greek. Meaning "farmer” or “earth-worker"

Ethan. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning "solid" or "strong".

Oscar. Origin: Irish Gaelic. Meaning "spear of the gods".

Arthur. Origin: Celtic. Meaning "bear" .

Baby Boy Names new to the top 100 this year:

Kayden, Elliot, Ahmad, Kian, Brodie, Abdullah, Junior, Oakley, Mateo, Syed, Zion, Seth and Aaron have all entered the top 100 baby boys’ names of 2022.

Dropped out:

We’ve said goodbye to previously popular Joseph, Edward, Ronnie, Stanley and Milo.

Top 10 Baby Girl Names of 2022

Lily. Origin: Old English. Meaning the flowers, regarded as a symbol of purity and perfection.

Sophia. Origin: Greek. Meaning "wisdom".

Olivia. Origin: Latin. Meaning "olive tree".

Amelia. Origin: Latin. Meaning "strive".

Ava. Origin: Latin. Meaning "bird"

Isla. Origin: Latin. Meaning: “island”

Freya. Origin: Old German. Meaning "lady".

Aria. Origin: Italian. Meaning "melody".

Ivy. Origin: Old English. Meaning the plant.

Mia. Origin: Scandinavian. Meaning "bitter".

Baby Girl Names new to the top 100 this year:

Aisha, Maddison, Aaliyah, Nova, Amaya, Talia, Annabelle, Margot, Raya, Nina, Nora and Anaya have all entered the top 100 baby girls’ names of 2022.

Dropped out:

Amber, Jasmine, Clara, Elodie, Lola and Amelie are no longer the ultra-popular choices they once were.

Royal baby name inspiration continues

The royals frequently inspire us when it comes to choosing baby names, and it’s easy to see who your favourite royals are: William, Charlotte, Lottie, Elizabeth & Lily have all risen up the ranks this year. Perhaps it’s no great surprise that Andrew has plummeted out of the top 100….

More unusual baby name influences

This year it’s predominantly our love of box-sets that’s been inspiring our choice of baby names…

Peaky Blinders

We’re big fans of the show and its bold characters, so much so we’re naming our children after them. Arthur, Alfie, Freddie, Charlie, Finley, Lucas, Grace, Esme, Ada, and of course Tommy are all popular baby boy and girl names this year.

Stranger Things

As we’ve thrown ourselves into the latest series we’ve fallen for the main character’s names too, it seems. Max, Elle, Mike, Robyn, Will, Lucas, and Nancy are all in the top 100.


Penelope, Jack & Charlotte are in the top 100 this year, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s thanks to our favourite binge-watch.

Sex Education

We were all caught up in the hype, so when the name Maeve rose 14 places this year it was surely no coincidence.

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