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Tanzina Gazi's Franklin Cot Bed Review

Tanzina Gazi's Franklin Cot Bed Review

If you're looking for a new cot, then Tanzina might have the answer. We gave our Parent Approved Panellist a little helping hand with our Franklin cotbed. Find out how she got on, read her Franklin Cot bed Review...

When I was on the lookout for a cot, I knew I wanted a cot that could be converted into a toddler bed eventually. It made sense that I would look for something that had longevity, and could grow with my baby girl. The Franklin Cot Bed ticked so many boxes. It converts to a toddler bed and eventually a day bed too. With two height positions for easy access to my daughter, it is sturdy and it looks beautiful. It comes in two colours: Grey Wash and White. I opted for the latter as it matched my room décor so well.

I had been co-sleeping with Aria in a next-to-me style bassinet cot for the past 5 months. So I was extremely nervous about making the transition to using a cot.

The luxury of the Franklin Cot Bed is that it doesn’t rely on the sidebars for stability. If they are removed the cot remains sturdy and won’t fall apart! The pictures don’t do it justice for how beautiful and strong the furniture is.

The cot bed fits a 140 x 70cm sized mattress which provides ample space for Aria; just what she needs as she has started to roll over at every given opportunity! It’s so spacious and every thought has gone into making sure it’s practical too.

The cot has an under-bed storage drawer which is perfectly sized and features a soft close; meaning no trapped fingers when she gets a little older and less noise to disturb her napping. We store our current collection of bedtime story books there for easy access, plus bedding and extra nappies. Both ends of the cot also come with a hanging rail which is perfect for hanging blankets and muslin cloths. I got a little hanging basket which now stores all of Aria’s night feed essentials; this is so handy as I no longer need to get out of bed to make her milk.

In Conclusion...

I absolutely love the Franklin Cot Bed. It feels really luxurious. I just love the fact that it can grow with Aria as it is suitable until approximately 4 years of age. It really is aesthetically pleasing as well practical. Aria has transitioned from sleeping in a next-to-me style bassinet to sleeping in the Franklin cot all night with no trouble at all. I can genuinely see that she loves having all that space to herself.

I’ve been using the cot for a few months now. Aria has become even more active. Time is flying so fast that in a blink of an eye we’ll be lowering the cot down to the second height position so she can stand up and be completely safe. I’m looking forward to seeing this cot change and evolve with my daughter. I really couldn’t have chosen a better cot to suit our family.

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