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Personal Shopping With Mamas & Papas

Personal Shopping With Mamas & Papas

If you're shopping for baby and looking for a little help, why not talk to us? We offer a free Personal Shopping service that's catered to your needs. If you want to know a bit more before you book, here's a helpful guide.

We all love a good shop. Some of us like to take our time and enjoy a leisurely browse, others know what they want and hit the racks like a laser-guided missile. But when it comes to buying for someone else, it can get a little trickier. Especially if that somebody hasn't even arrived yet.

Shopping for your new arrival takes in everything, from the sweet little outfits that make you want to cry they're so cute, to big strapping tech like pushchairs and car seats. Shopping is rarely this schizophrenic, so a little help goes a long way.

That's where we come in.

Keeping things personal

A husband and wife are stood in a Mamas and Papas store being shown around the bedding and nursery interiors section by a member of staff. They are deep in discussion.

We know that finding all those essentials takes time. With tab after tab open on your phone, you flick through a variety of options, trying to figure out your cot beds from your carrycots. So let us help take the pressure off.

You may not know (but if you've read the title of this piece, you've probably got a good idea) that we have an in-store Personal Shopping service. It's a chance for us to get to know you a little better and help you make a start on your pregnancy shopping list.

It's all about you

Before we go any further, you're probably thinking 'Yeah, but I bet they'll spend all their time trying to flog stuff to me'. That's not how we work. You have enough stuff to buy for baby, you don't need us cluttering up your home with things you don't need. That's why our Personal Shopping sessions are led by you.

Tell us about yourself - where you live, your type of lifestyle, the car you drive - anything to help us narrow down products that are suitable to you and your needs. Our bespoke service is not just about finding the things you need, but also figuring out what you don't.

An experienced team

A man is being shown around a Mamas and Papas store and a member of staff is showing him how to fit a car seat in a mock up of the back seat of a car.

Not only are our team trained on all of our products, but they're passionate about parenting. Most of them are parents. And if not, they're aunties, uncles, friends and relatives to people who are, so they know the value is providing a friendly, helpful service that isn't all about getting you to spend your dough. Sometimes, you may just need a chat. If you're figuring out how to style your nursery and need some tips, or you want to learn a bit more about car seats before you take the plunge, simply book an appointment, grab a complimentary cuppa (caffeine-free, obviously) and talk to us.

And it isn't just a one-on-one thing. Bring your partner along, or the grandparents, or friends, and make shopping a communal experience.

Pamper yourself

As well as being clear and easy, shopping for baby should also be fun. That's why we make sure our sessions feel as relaxed as possible. With big comfy sofas, free drinks and as much time as you need to figure out what you want - this is shopping on your terms.

We also want to mark this important milestone with you, which is why you'll receive a free luxury gift when you arrive. Why should baby get all the nice, new things?

We've got you covered | How we can help you

No matter what you need a Personal Shop for, we can help. Including:

  • Finding your pushchair
  • Finding and learning how to fit your car seat
  • Finding a car seat for your toddler
  • Planning for your nursery
  • Finding toys to help baby's developing
  • Finding the perfect gift for baby or mum-to-be

And anything else you can think of!

Book me in!

Booking a Personal Shopping experience has never been easier. Simply find your nearest store and then book an appointment. Then leave the rest to us.

If you're looking for an introduction to us and what we do, then why not attend one of our Parent to Be events?

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