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Making Learning Fun with These Educational Toys

Making Learning Fun with These Educational Toys

Those early months and years are perfect for nurturing your little one’s curiosity, and one of the best – and most fun – ways to do this is through play. With so many educational baby toys around, we’re all about keeping it simple by introducing new noises, interesting textures and stimulating colours – all whilst having a little fun along the way. So, make some time for playtime, we’ve picked out some of the best learning toys for your little one.

Get them Rolling, Sitting & Moving

One of the simplest ways to get your baby moving is giving them an activity toy to roll around on. Tummy time can be done from birth, helping to encourage your little one to strengthen their neck and head muscles, as well as develop their senses.

Our Wish Upon A Cloud Tummy Time Roll is perfect for this, with its snuggly faux fur design and a penguin character rattle.

Baby playmats, like this one, are also a great way to get your baby moving, with hidden sounds and textures for them reach out and grab.

Stimulate all of their senses

Sensory play has been shown to help your little one develop their language, gripping and grabbing and problem solving skills. This type of play is all about touch, sight and sound, so baby sensory toys with hidden textures and noises will help your little one learn whilst playing. Our Pineapple Linkie Toy is great for teething and attaches to your pushchair, making it the perfect travel toy, whilst our snuggly soft Duck Comforter will keep little fingers busy.

We also love this Mushroom Baby Rattle from Ollie Ella. Perfect for hanging above your little one’s Moses basket, they’ll have so much fun reaching out to shake it.

Help them learn to socialise

Not only do they make snuggly best friends for your little one, but soft toys also play an important role in helping your baby learn to socialise and interact. As well as using them to chatter away to, your baby’s favourite soft toy will be by their side to reassure them in new situations. Super-soft and cuddly, our Geoffrey Giraffe makes the perfect comforting friend for your little one.

Soft toys also encourage pretend play, which teaches them how to communicate and care for friends and family members. With her mini outfit and soft, textured hair, our Bella Rag Doll is ideal for this.

Nurture their love of stories

Reading aloud with your little one can help them develop their communication, vocabulary and memory skills. As well as teaching them about the world around them, books help them learn to listen and concentrate. Some books even double up as activity toys, so your baby can get involved with story time whilst stimulating their senses.

If your little one is wild about animals, they’ll love our Wildy Adventures Book and Toy, or this panda-shaped activity book, with plenty of different textures to feel and scrunch, as well as hidden sounds and cuddly characters to play with.


When it comes to helping your little one learn through play, there’s no need to pile on the pressure. As long as you keep it fun, engaging and light-hearted, it’ll be stimulating for your baby. So, whether you’re after something soft and reassuring, or packed with colours and textures, our range of educational baby toys will keep them entertained for hours.

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