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Learn More About Kabode Interiors At Mamas & Papas

Learn More About Kabode Interiors At Mamas & Papas

This organic eco-friendly children and baby bedding selection passes both the parent and the toddler test – find out what makes it such a great all-rounder.

Has your little one gone off bedtime? Struggling to get your toddler to stay in their room at night? Giving your child reason to enjoy their cot or toddler bed a little more can really help with these common complaints. One way to do this is with bedding that they can love. Which is part of the reason why Kabode’s range of organic eco-friendly bedding appeals to us: it features unique motifs that have been specifically incorporated to inspire and excite your little one, making their sleep environment that little bit more enjoyable. It’s also super-soft – another reason for your sensitive little one to love snuggling into it at bedtime. It’s not just designed to be loved by children though: made from 100% organic cotton (no nasty toxins, hypoallergenic…) and with a high thread count, parents adore how thick and luxe Kabode’s bedding looks and feels. Plus, it washes well. Over and over again. Without shrinking. BIG TICK.

Here's a little more about the brand...

Who are Kabode?

Eco-friendly children and baby bedding that ticks all our boxes – beautiful, long-lasting, ultra-soft bedding sustainably-made from organic cotton. This is bedding that looks and feels luxe – distinctive designs, high thread-count, super-soft, thick and luxurious in your hand – yet is totally practical for a child’s room (it can be washed over and over again, with no shrinking!).

The story behind the brand

Struggling to find bedding that would inspire and excite their two small children, H and Asma decided to make their own. A strong belief in the importance of experiences and exposure to new things inspired the unique designs you’ll find on Kabode’s beautiful eco-friendly bedding – which features quirky motifs, such as robots and wildlife – while their sustainability commitment comes through in the organic materials used to create their products.

Sustainability credentials

Firstly, there’s no chance of any greenwashing here: Kabode only buy their cotton directly from suppliers who’ve been independently audited on their eco credentials. Next up, Kabode bedding is made from organic cotton only. Cotton is a thirsty plant -in fact, it can take up to 2700 litres of water to grow enough non-organic cotton to make one T-shirt. And yet cotton is grown in some of the most drought-stricken parts of the world. However, organic methods of growing cotton – like the method used in Kabode’s manufacturing process - make the most of rainwater and reused water, leaving more water available for drinking and growing food. What’s more, when non-organic cotton is produced on a vast commercial scale, toxic chemicals are often used in order to kill pests or to make the crops grow bigger and faster. These chemicals remain on the cotton fibres – and eventually end up in your home. By avoiding this use of hazardous chemicals, the organic cotton used in Kabode’s designs remains hypoallergenic - great for sensitive baby skin. Kabode’s sustainability commitments extend beyond their manufacturing and produce. They’re also avid supporters of initiatives that are making tangible change in the world. Firstly, they’ve partnered with a charity who ensure that for every Kabode product sold, they donate a mosquito net to a child in Africa, to help to save lives in areas where Malaria is rife. They’re also members of 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of their annual profit to directly fund environmental projects that aim to slow climate change.

Kabode’s products

Beautiful eco-friendly childrens and baby bedding, made from the highest quality organic cotton and designed to last many years of childhood, so you don’t need to buy a new set every year. Check out the different style options, which feature lovely unique designs sure to inspire and delight your little one.

Why you’ll love them

Firstly, your little one will love this bedding – always a big plus point. The unique motifs – from robots to rainbows – are quirky and imaginative enough to appeal to little minds, while the bedding itself is super-soft to the touch, so ideal for sensitive baby skin and fussy toddlers. You’ll love how well it washes – you can wash it time and time again and it won’t shrink – plus it’s seriously superior quality (think high thread count, smooth against your skin and designed to last) so you don’t need to buy new sets every year or so. Plus – and it’s a huge plus - it’s naturally hypoallergenic and not full of harmful chemicals.