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Learn More About Bamboo Bamboo At Mamas & Papas

Learn More About Bamboo Bamboo At Mamas & Papas

Looking for kid’s tableware that you can love as much as they do? We’ve just found the perfect range (and it’s plastic-free…)

Let’s be real: children’s tableware is usually designed to appeal to little eyes, not grown-up ones. Garish colours and eco-unfriendly plastic usually dominate, which doesn’t look great on our dining table and definitely doesn’t fit with our intentions to live more sustainably. Yes, we want to make mealtimes engaging and more enjoyable - especially during the often-tricky weaning phase – but we’d prefer not to compromise our style and lifestyle in doing so. Which is why we’re so excited to discover Bamboo Bamboo: an eco-friendly range of children’s tableware and baby feeding products, made primarily from (yep, you guessed it) bamboo. It features adorable designs that kids love – animal shapes for example – but in a way that’s subtle and attractive enough to suit grown-up tastes too. Plus – and it’s a major plus – every product has been designed to make mealtime easier, featuring suction grips that children can’t fathom, but are super-easy for parents to release. A serious game-changer.

Here’s a little more about them…

Who are Bamboo Bamboo

A British brand that creates super-cute eco-friendly tableware for children, designed specifically to make family mealtimes easier, less messy and more fun – for everyone. Providing a plant-based non-toxic alternative to plastic tableware, this beautifully designed range of children’s bowls, cups, plates and feeding utensils- complete with adorable designs your little ones will love- is hand-crafted from organic bamboo, so you can be sure that weaning and feeding your children is safe, kind to the planet and an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The story behind the brand

Born out of a two-bedroom apartment in South East London in 2016, by a family with a mission: to provide beautiful plant-based eco-friendly children’s tableware, to make it easier for parents to transition away from plastic. The trigger? Founder Joel, a father of four, read a disturbing fact- that nearly every single piece of plastic ever made still exists. The solution? Create a stylish range of children’s tableware using sustainable materials, so parents can choose not to fill their kitchens with excessive plastic. What’s more, they wanted to design products that would solve real-life mealtime problems - so they took design inspiration from real parents and the common issues they face when feeding their little ones. The result? A beautiful eco-friendly children’s tableware range that makes mealtimes easier and happier for everyone.

Sustainability credentials

A commitment to conserving natural resources and protecting global ecosystems underpins this brand’s environmental sustainability strategy: bamboo, their main resource, is inherently a highly sustainable plant, growing to full size in just 3-4 months (as opposed to a standard tree, which can take over 30 years to grow.) Plus, harvesting bamboo doesn’t require nasty pesticides and chemicals, making it less harmful for the environment. Bamboo Bamboo’s impressive sustainability credentials extend beyond their commitment to the environment though. They also excel in their economic and social strategies. Every one of their gorgeous products is locally grown and handmade in Fujian – so they’re supporting traditional trade and industry and creating new well-paid stable jobs for locals in areas that need social and economic stability.

Bamboo Bamboo products

 With distinct ranges, that includes weaning sets, dinner sets, plates, section plates, bowls, cups and even tiny plates, you’ll easily find products to suit your child’s age and feeding stage. All of their eco-friendly tableware products are designed to appeal to little eyes – with super-cute animal shapes and charming colours – while looking equally stylish in your kitchen. From adorable plates that encourage good meal habits to super soft spoons for sensitive gums this is a brand that has covered all bases within their clever products.

Why you'll love them

These are products that have been created with real parents like you in mind and designed to provide genuine solutions to all your mealtime problems. Take the silicone suction grip on their bowls and plates, for example. Little ones find it near enough impossible to remove; parents can simply lift the release tab. Game-changer. You’ll also be impressed by the high-quality and safety aspect of these products – they’re made from all-natural and organic bamboo, that contains zero toxins, zero melamine and is BPA free. And let’s face it, with their minimalist designs, natural bamboo and understated finish, this is seriously stylish, tasteful tableware that you’ll be proud to plate up their meals on.

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