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Our Guide to Choosing the Right Highchair for Weaning

Our Guide to Choosing the Right Highchair for Weaning

Read our highchair buying guide to choose the perfect highchair to prepare for weaning. From portable and adjustable highchairs, shop our range of weaning must haves.

If you’re thinking about starting to wean your little one, there’s no doubt that things are about to get a little bit messy! So, when it comes to finding the right highchair for you and your little one, we’re here to make your life easier. We’ve picked out our top things to look out for when you’re shopping around, as well as some of our favourite Mamas & Papas highchairs.

When will your baby be ready to use a highchair?


Every baby will be a little different, but generally your little one can start to use a highchair when they can confidently sit up on their own – usually when they’re around 6 months old. This is around the time that you’ll start to wean them onto solid foods, so a highchair will keep them safe and secure whilst they start to explore all of those exciting new tastes and textures.

Choosing the best baby highchair for you.

Finding a highchair that works for you depends on your living space and eating habits. Some highchairs are made to fold up tight, so you can neatly stash them away when you’re not using them – perfect for smaller kitchens. Others have more of a focus on style, like our Juice – a modern grey highchair with wood effect features and muted tones. Stylish chairs are ideal for matching with your décor, especially if you have an open plan space. If you’re looking for something that’ll last you a few years, some highchairs have adjustable features that mean you can use them even when your little one is grown. Or, you could opt for a booster seat, which simply straps to the back of your dining chair.

What to look for in a highchair?

Highchairs come with plenty of features that’ll keep your little one safe and comfy and make your life easier, too. We’ve picked out some helpful features to look out for when you’re shopping for a highchair.

Safety features

When you’re feeding your baby in their highchair, it’s important that you know they’re safe and secure. Look out for chairs with a 5-point harness, which goes around your baby’s shoulders and hips to keep them safely in their seat whilst they eat. Some highchairs, like our Juice, also come with a secure crotch post that goes in between their legs for added security.


Whether you’re folding it away at home or planning on taking it travelling, finding a portable highchair that’s easy to move around and store away will make mealtimes a whole lot easier. Look out for highchairs with castors on the legs, built-in carry handles, and trays that fold down with the chair. When it comes to taking it on holiday, go for a booster like our Baby Bud – it’s got a handy travel strap and fits onto most dining chairs, so wherever you’re eating, your little one will have a safe place to sit.


An adjustable highchair will grow with your little, keeping them safe and supported at mealtimes until they’re toddling about. Opt for a design that can easily be converted into a junior highchair, like our Juice or the Baby Bud, and there’ll be no need to upgrade when they have a growth spurt.


If your little one is sitting comfortably, chances are you’ll have fuss-free mealtimes. Padded seats give them a little extra support, whilst chairs that have different height and recline positions mean you can adjust for different sized tables, so your baby can focus on tucking in. Our Snax is an adjustable height highchair, with 6 different heights and 3 recline positions, whilst our Juice comes with a leg rest, which will give them a bit of extra support whilst they eat.


Buying a highchair with easy-clean features will make your life a lot easier. Fabrics that wipe clean are super-easy to tidy up after a messy meal, whilst removable tray inserts can be easily washed up. Our Juice highchair even has a tray that can be popped in the dishwasher, so it can be cleaned alongside your dinner dishes, whilst our Snax highchairs can be bought with co-ordinating splash mats to protect your floor from spillages.

Our favourite Mamas & Papas highchairs


Once your little one has mastered supporting their own head, our Bug 3-in-1 seat gives them a safe place to sit and play, so you can keep your hands free for other things. The super-stable base means you can place it safely on the floor whilst they play, and it can be easily used as a booster seat for weaning


Highchairs come with plenty of features that’ll keep your little one safe and comfy and make your life easier, too. We’ve picked out some helpful features to look out for when you’re shopping for a highchair.


Our range of Snax highchairs are finished with playful prints and cheerful colours. Designed with a variety of height and recline positions, this highchair will keep your little one secure and is easy for you to wipe down.

Baby Bud

Ideal for taking out and about, our Baby Bud booster seat is compact and easy to carry. With a removable play tray, it’ll safely fit onto any dining chair to keep your little one comfy and supported whilst they tuck in.

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