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How to Choose the Best Night Light

How to Choose the Best Night Light

Not sure where to start when it comes to baby night lights? We’ve summed up a few benefits of getting one for your nursery, and picked out a few of our favourite products.

Why use a night light?

Night lights are dim lamps that are designed to be placed in your little one’s nursery. They give out a very soft glow and can either be mounted on your wall, placed freestanding on a dresser or shelf, or even hung above your baby’s cot.

As well as helping to create a calm, soothing space for your little one to fall asleep in, night lights offer up a bit of reassurance in an otherwise dark room, so it should help them settle back down if they wake in the night. Using a night light will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on your baby at night, and to help you navigate their nursery whilst they’re sleeping.

Power Source

USB rechargeable night lights are great if you want one to use in different rooms around your home, whilst battery powered lights are great for taking on-the-go – some even attach to your pram. Plug in night lights are perfect if you know you’ll be keeping your light in your nursery and don’t need to move it.

Timers and sensors

Some night lights come with timers that mean they switch themselves off after a set amount of time, so you don’t need to disturb your little one if you want to turn it off. Some also have sensors that detect noise or movement, and will play a soothing melody until your little one settles down.  

Playful Features

Night lights come in all kinds of colours and styles. Some are plush and perfect for comforting cuddles, whilst others are designed to be placed in your nursery as part of your décor. Look out for musical night lights that come with soothing sounds or gentle lullabies – perfect for creating a calm environment.

Our top night light picks

We’ve picked out some of the best baby night lights.

Mamas & Papas Elephant Night Light Shelves

Our set of adorable elephant shelves come with a night light that gives off a soft, white glow that’ll help them drift off.

Tommee Tippee
Gro Egg 2

This gentle egg-shaped light has a temperature sensor, colour changing lights and four levels of brightness that you can switch between.

Snuz Cloud
Baby Sleep Aid

The plush Snuz Cloud attaches to your pushchair and has two calming colours and four soothing sounds to choose from.

Tommee Tippee
Ollie Owl

This cute and cuddly companion has a special CrySensor that listens out for sounds and plays a soothing song to lull your baby back to sleep.

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